26 Weeks Old (6 Months!!!)

IMG_9268 IMG_9294 IMG_9316

0 years 6 months 1 days
or 6 months 1 days
or 25 weeks 6 days
or 181 days
or 4344 hours
or 260640 minutes
or 15638400 seconds

(thanks to calculator.net)

Changes in appearance:

Daphs is evening out in weight. I looked at her a few days ago and realized that she’s no longer a baby. She’s growing to be a little toddler. Her features are more defined. Her eyebrows are taking on a shape of their own (poor child will have caterpillars for eyebrows, thanks to Sam and me). Her eyes are still sparkling blue with an even lighter lightning bolt flashing through her right eye. No teeth popping through. Dimples on her knuckles.


In addition to everything else I’ve listed, Daphs enjoys one on one time. I bob my head back and forth and she just thinks it’s hilarious. She likes the pureed foods I make for her (green beans, sweet taters, carrots, bananas) and the cereal as well. She likes shoving things in her mouth at this point whether it’s her fingers or toys.


Dislikes loud loud noises at times. I laugh really hard often and it scares her. Poor thing. Hrm… Not many more things right now. She has taken a liking to watching the dogs play/fight.

New Milestones/Developments

She has definitely found her voice. She moans and babbles most of the time now in addition to sitting up on her own. She’s shoving most everything in her mouth.

Worries with Milestones/Developments:

Still working on holding the bottle while sitting up. Also trying to help her understand bouncing and moving herself in her bouncer.

Sleeping Habits:

We decided to start putting her to bed later (9pm) and she sleeps through the entire night. She wakes around 6 to eat and then again around 730 for the day. She naps a few times during the day.

Eating Habits:

6 ounces every few hours, but more than often less than that as we include at least 2 meals of pureed foods at this point.Her eating schedule has become more sporadic, but that’s okay.

Thoughts about the past week:

Daphs is such a sweet little girl. She really enjoys standing at the front door with me and watching all the cars drive by. When one zooms past, she’ll tense up and throw out her arms and giggle a few times. She’ll then get serious until the next car comes.

I feel more and more love for Doodles every day I’m with her. She’s my little buddy. I love to spend time with her and teach her things. We play the piano together and bang blocks together. She even sat up with me on the table while I sewed on my quilt. She watched intently. She soaks in everything and observes with all her attention. She’s smart as a whip.


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