Saying Goodbye to Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom. Oh Doctor Doom. 

Doomy Doom Doom.

Dr. Doom is the military doctor who was ever so doom and gloomy towards Daphne’s health for the first 4 months of her life.

Yesterday was Daphne’s last appointment with her. Dr. Doom is moving to Texas in a few weeks. Thus, we will be seeing a new doctor at Daphne’s next appointment (in late August…can you believe it?!).

I slaved ALL DAY over a hot stove baking chocolate chip cookies as a going away present for her. Yes, I bathed in flour. My hands were greased like a sleazy cartoon car salesman’s hair. I had to run out back, sneak up behind the chicken coop, and scare my chickens into laying a few eggs for me. Okay. I’m exaggerating on the bathing in flour part.

We arrived to the appointment early and were seen immediately. Daphne was weighed and measured. She weighed 15 pounds, 2 ounces. CHUNKY! She had gained about 2 pounds in 2.5 weeks. Her measurements were right on track with her head circumference being the highest percentile (in the upper 70%s). I’m not paying a whole lot of attention to the percentiles, as I realize that Daphs is healthy and happy and growing.

Dr. Doom was very appreciative of the cookies and gave us a book to add to Daphne’s library. It was bittersweet. As time had progressed, Dr. Doom became less doom and gloom and a little more helpful. I wish her the best!

Daphne is doing so well. We received a gift in the mail from a dear friend—matching bows for Daphs and I for mother’s day! How fun! This is the first headband Daphs has had on. I’m kind of a fan of it on her…





In addition to writing on this blog, I’ve decided to start another writing project. I’ve constantly been bugged with the definition of beauty and how self esteem is related to it. I made myself a website and started writing. It’s not cutesy with darling pictures of my daughter. It’s honest and real. I hope to keep it up.

Check it out and follow me!


Alright…enough with the shameless self promotion.
Enjoy your weekend, friend! If I can make it to the beach, I’d be set. Who knows—we may just lounge around the house playing with blocks and singing musicals all day long. Sounds like fun, eh?



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