22 Weeks Old



0 years 5 months 2 days
or 5 months 2 days
or 21 weeks 5 days
or 152 days
or 3648 hours
or 218880 minutes
or 13132800 seconds

(thanks to calculator.net)

Changes in appearance:

Her face is round now! She has a defined chin, though. Sandy reddish hair. Her hair is growing longer! Bald spot in the back of the head is going away slowly. As with the weight gain, her little thighs are chunking out! 


When we chomp on her belly, tickling her toes and feet, dancing. 

Spinning around in circles, ‘ooga boogah’ noises. Mock sneezes. Dancing. Going outside.When we grab her belly/chest and shake gently and make giggle noises. Tongue clicking noises, Running water, Watching the dogs play fetch or fighting, Laughing at herself in the mirror, Fart noises on her feet and tummy, Waking up in the morning to a smiling face, Being faced outwards, Looking at herself in the mirror, Sam’s voice and weird noises, Being whispered to, She still likes being swaddled a night, Loves her paci, Fart noises, the “ZZZ” sound as in Zipper or in me singing “Zippity Do Dah,” Looking out the front door at the rain and at cars passing by, Being around people and being held close, Sitting with me at the piano and listening to me sing and play, Chewing on her hands, Being bounced on the stability ball, Bathtime and warm water, Watching Pax and Ash play, Bicycle legs, Whistling noises (Sam has to do those…I can’t whistle)


She doesn’t like it when Ash howls and she doesn’t like it when I play my cello or guitar loudly (perhaps because it makes the dog howl?)

She is slowly starting to get antsy when we do slow airplane with her, She doesn’t like being stationary too long, Being set down when she doesn’t want to be (she prefers to be in our arms or in our laps), Laying on her back when she doesn’t want to be, even for diaper changes, Being parted from her pacifier, Air being blown in her face, Tummy time for more than a few minutes

New Milestones/Developments

Giggles with ease. Pays closer attention to my facial expressions and movements. She can sit up very well on her own! She sat by herself for about 45 seconds before wavering down on the pillow. I’m so proud of her! I introduced blocks to her today, and she was rapt. She liked the texture, the shapes, and the box they were in. She was very interested in them.

Worries with Milestones/Developments:

We’re working on rolling over. She has issues with constipation, and we are trying to remedy it.

Sleeping Habits:

Bedtime close to 8.  Wakes around 4 to eat. Wakes for the day between 7-8.

Eating Habits:

Still about 6 oz every few hours.

Thoughts about the past week:

I realize how quickly Daphs is growing up. I love teaching her and showing her new things. We introduced the blocks today and I worked quite frequently on sitting her up on her own. She wavered a little bit, but for the most part she sat up on her own!

Today, I had her in my lap and I was talking to her. I rubbed her feet on some pressure points just to pass time and to my surprise, she giggled. She giggled when I rubbed her feet and I just started laughing. I think I scared her. She stopped giggling and her face got all serious. I couldn’t help myself but to laugh. She cracks me up, my little ham.

Surprisingly, Daphs doesn’t mind being in her bouncer. It is growing on her, which is nice for me, so that I can get things done around the house. I’ve come to realize that I also need to make sure that she is content on her own playing and hanging out.

We don’t have another appointment for another few weeks. Our doctor is PCSing (getting a different duty station) and so we will be seeing another doctor soon.

Daphs loves looking at the chicks we have in the backyard. I take her out there daily to check on the chickens and she is in awe of those little critters. She likes it when they scurry around the pen. I do too.

I hope to make a trip to the ocean this week, just Daphs and I. I think it’d be nice to visit.


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