20 Weeks Old



0 years 4 months 21 days
or 4 months 21 days
or 20 weeks 0 days
or 140 days
or 3360 hours
or 201600 minutes
or 12096000 seconds

(thanks to calculator.net)

Changes in Appearance:

Whoa-Chubby-Cheeks! Daphs has put on a little bit of weight! Her weight at the weight check last Thursday was 12 pounds. Still has blue eyes. No signs of a tooth popping through.


Mock sneezes. Dancing. Going outside.

When we grab her belly/chest and shake gently and make giggle noises. Tongue clicking noises, Running water, Watching the dogs play fetch or fighting, Laughing at herself in the mirror, Fart noises on her feet and tummy, Waking up in the morning to a smiling face, Being faced outwards, Looking at herself in the mirror, Sam’s voice and weird noises, Being whispered to, She still likes being swaddled a night, Loves her paci, Fart noises, the “ZZZ” sound as in Zipper or in me singing “Zippity Do Dah,” Looking out the front door at the rain and at cars passing by, Being around people and being held close, Sitting with me at the piano and listening to me sing and play, Chewing on her hands, Being bounced on the stability ball, Bathtime and warm water, Watching Pax and Ash play, Bicycle legs, Whistling noises (Sam has to do those…I can’t whistle)


No new dislikes this week!

She is slowly starting to get antsy when we do slow airplane with her, She doesn’t like being stationary too long, Being set down when she doesn’t want to be (she prefers to be in our arms or in our laps), Laying on her back when she doesn’t want to be, even for diaper changes, Being parted from her pacifier, Air being blown in her face, Tummy time for more than a few minutes

New Milestones/Developments

She is getting the hang of holding her own bottle! She loves to be on her feet. She’s doing well sitting up, but still needs a lot of assistance.

Worries with Milestones/Developments:

None really… Isn’t rolling over yet, doesn’t giggle very easily, and still has issues with being on her own (maybe it is just because she’s tired…)

Sleeping Habits:

Bedtime close to 9, wake around 1 to feed, wake around 6-7 to feed, and wake for the day around 9. Two naps during the day! Usually falls asleep in the car.

Eating Habits:

Breastfeeding very little, using organic formula for the rest. Eats every few hours.

Thoughts about the past week:

We caught some chicks from the mamma hen running around our yard! Sam made a very nice pen for them. Daphs loves staring at them! I am excited for the day she can hold one and chase them.

Daphs has a little bit of constipation from adding more formula to her diet. She eats about 6 ounces every feeding.

She brings compliments anywhere she is taken. Today, she received compliments from the librarian, who originally mistook her for a boy, and also from a random dude at Waffle House.

She is growing! I love to read to her. We brought home about 10 more books to go through. I would love to start attending story hour at the library!

Weight check in a week and a few days. I hope we can discontinue them.

I’ve had a stressful week, honestly. The switch to mainly formula has taken a toll on me emotionally and feelings of inadequacy really got to me. Ask Sam. I wasn’t a nice person to be around this week.

I would love a trip to the ocean for an afternoon. I just need some open air and some room to think.

Daphs makes my mornings with her wonderful smiles. I just love it.



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