2 Coops, of sorts…

Cooper River Bridge Run & Chicken Coops.

On Saturday morning, I rose at the chipper hour of 4am and assembled my running gear. I would be running in a 10k race with over 30,000 other runners in a few hours.

There was so much energy in this race! Being surrounded by so many other runners was an amazing experience. I highly recommend participating in one organized run or walk event sometime in your life!

Pre Race. You can see the start line WAY up there. I was in Wave F.

Coming up on the bridge! EEK!

The bridge!

All the trash made me sad!

The final mile was spent running downtown! Lots of supporters and awesome things to look at!

Just finished crossing under the bridge towers, like in the Neverending Story.

Such a beautiful thing! Overwhelming!

All my fellow walkers and joggers!

What an awesome way to spend the morning. I jogged a lot up the ramp and up the bridge, to my shame, and later regretted it as I should have saved my energy for the latter portion of the race. Either way, it was super fun!

In other news, we have acquired 5 chicks! Sam and Nick built a chicken coop and pen for me! Watching them catch the chickens was rather a hilarious sight!

Daphne loves bath time. I am so happy she enjoys water! She has been growing and laughing more lately. I find myself filled with so much joy.


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