Atlantic Antics

“As if it were too great, too mighty for common virtues, the ocean has no compassion, no faith, no law, no memory.” -Joseph Conrad, The Mirror of the Sea.

I forget how much I love the ocean and the beach until I get there.

The sound of the waves kissing the shore, the breeze whipping the salty air through my hair, and the squishy sand that dries onto my feet. It’s like taking a bit of earth with me.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to run in the water down the beach.

The beach started with the very dry and deep loose sand. There were small sticks and grass clippings intermingled with each grain of sand. As we walked towards the water, the sand grew stiffer and darkened in color. Insert the cracked and shattered shells here. The rest of my group stayed behind the shell layer, but I kept on.

I walked towards the water, pink flip flops in my hand. The sand darkened and lightened with each wave of cold Atlantic water rushing towards me. The sand squished between my toes as I walked. The water was clear with strings of foam stretching and contracting with each wave. The water reached in towards the hundreds of sunbathers and umbrellas on the beach, but I was one of the few people it actually touched.
I laughed.
I started running down the beach, water splashing up onto my calves and darkening my khaki capris.

I walked away from the beach with sand still between my toes and caked onto my feet. I was proud.

Dear friend, if you have not had a chance to run down a beach, you must make every effort to visit the ocean once in your life to do so.

Our dear friends Nick and Angel moved here from Pennsylvania and are settled in our home. We are a cozy bunch: 4 adults, 4 dogs, 4 vehicles, and 1 baby. Whew!

Of course we had to take them to the downtown area and the beach! We waited until the weekend arrived to do it so we could enjoy it a little longer.

A cute robot toy at The Robot Candy Company in downtown Charleston.

It was a bit cool and windy at the beach, but it was totally worth the trip.


I realized today that I no longer have a newborn on my hands. I have an infant. I have a little human who is on her way to becoming a big human. Her face is getting longer, her eyes more attentive, and her features are becoming defined.

Breastfeeding has been getting progressively better. Ever since quitting the pacifier cold turkey, we have seen progress in my breastfeeding adventures.

While doing tummy time today, Daphne rolled over to her back a few times and she also started kicking and making crawling motions with her legs. So exciting! Each little movement is a milestone and each one is worthy of my excitement and praise.

As the afternoon progressed, Daphne became a little restless. We traveled around the house, I played piano, and we did some housework to stay busy. We went outside as well. The weather was beautiful! I grabbed the squeaky toy in one hand, Daphs in the other, and walked outside to play fetch with Pax and the other pups (Karly and Saleen). They all chased after the ball for a while, Daphne rapt.

I took a break in the shade of the musty smelling garage. I sat in the dusty chair next to the Chevy and held up Daphne in my lap. I started singing to her.

Her eyes met mine and didn’t move.

After a few seconds, a grin crept across her face.

After 10 seconds, she was giggling.

I ruin her laughter every time with my own laughter covering hers up. I just cannot contain my joy when she smiles and giggles.

There’s no doubt about it: My daughter will know my laughter, know my smile, and know my dimple on the left side of my cheek.


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