How Does Cold Turkey Taste?

Quitting the pacifier cold turkey has a specific taste:

The taste of success.

Wednesday (2 days ago), I decided to pluck that silencer from Daphne’s mouth and quit it cold turkey. Thanks AGAIN to Grace, a LLL leader who offered me so much encouragement and support. 

Sam and I decided to allow Daphne the pacifier at night, however.

The first day was pretty rough. Okay, it was REALLY rough. Lots of crying, lots of hugging, and lots of breast-time. I didn’t think I could handle very much of that screaming for long. It was draining, however, I persevered. It was a test of the wills.

The second day (yesterday) was still filled with spurts of crying from Daphne, but it was a better day. In fact, it got better as the day went on. She got less and less frustrated.

Today, Daphne did wonderfully without the pacifier. She helped me clean the house and we played all morning without crying fits.

Since quitting cold turkey, Daphs
Naps better.
She sleeps very good without the paci and doesn’t fuss around from losing it.
Is more talkative.
She mumbles a lot more and coos a lot. She did before, but the paci got in the way of it.
Does not cry as often.
The pacifier did help often enough to sooth her, but she would often get so frustrated when she’d unwittingly spit out the paci or if it would drop out. She’d cry hysterically from that. Now, she fusses for a bit, but not as much as before with the pacifier. In regards to after eating fussiness, it is near nonexistent now. She eats a lot more and for longer periods of time. She is not fussy immediately after eating and I am so thankful for that! I feel that it is an indication that she is eating until she is full.
Is feeding better.
This is the most important thing. She fed almost non-stop from me the first day without the pacifier and the second day she was at the breast a lot of the day. Although her time at the breast has been decreasing, her feeding times and intensity (for lack of better term) are both increasing. She latches on best when she wakes up and she seems to be drawing out more form me. She was feeding so much from me the first two days, so my supply has increased—Yay for fuller boobs! In addition to eating better, I have not been able to pump, since she has been eating so very much during the day. Because I haven’t been able to pump, I haven’t been able to use the SNS to feed her. I tell ya what…after 2 weeks of having that contraption strapped onto me, it is SO very freeing to be able to nurse her without it. The SNS is a terribly wonderful invention, but I am glad to be rid of it for the time being.
Is getting chubby.
Daphs is gettin’ chubby! I know it may seem odd, but just in the past few days, I can tell that Daphs has gained some weight. Her thighs are filling out and getting those darling little rolls. Her tummy is rounding out. Her cheeks are getting puffy and her face is rounding. I am very excited to see how much she has gained on Monday at her appointment.
I am so absolutely thrilled that the removal of one little thing has helped us tremendously. I just am so happy.

Daphs and I drove on base to go for a walk. Only completed 3.66 miles today, but it was wonderful to get out. After about 2 miles, I saw Sam driving in to the parking area for the beginning of the trail. I jogged to greet him. He walked the rest of the time with us! Daphs slept most of the walk, waking only to show her seemingly disapproving face.


I am so thankful we stopped the use of the pacifier. It seems to have helped us with the feeding issues I had been having. I hope that Daphs will continue to feed well and we won’t have to return to the SNS.

Elation has dwelled in my heart and increases in intensity as I am realizing that breastfeeding is getting better. Daphne is getting so much good food and nutrition. I am filled with joy as I am starting to enjoy breastfeeding again, rather than being frustrated with the cumbersome SNS and dealing with her fussiness like before.

So, the taste of cold turkey savors of success. We won’t have to stress about separating her from the pacifier when she is older, now!

T – Minus 52 hours until appointment with Dr. Doom.


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