15 Weeks Old.


0 years 3 months 13 days
or 3 months 13 days
or 15 weeks 0 days
or 105 days
or 2520 hours
or 151200 minutes
or 9072000 seconds

(thanks to calculator.net)

Changes in Appearance:

No significant changes in appearance. Hair still seems light red/brown and eyes still blue. She is gaining weight, so her cheeks are all sorts of squishy and her little legs are filling out too. Her tummy is gettin’ bigger too!

As odd as it sounds, I specifically noticed her hands. They seem to be growing. Odd.

She is as long as ever and as active as ever.

No signs of teeth.

Drooling like a fiend, however.


Sam’s voice and weird noises.

Being whispered to

She still likes being swaddled a night.

Loves her paci.

Fart noises, the “ZZZ” sound as in Zipper or in me singing “Zippity Do Dah”

Looking out the front door at the rain and at cars passing by

Being around people and being held close

Sitting with me at the piano and listening to me sing and play

Chewing on her hands

Being bounced on the stability ball

Bathtime and warm water.

Watching Pax and Ash play.

Bicycle legs.

Whistling noises (Sam has to do those…I can’t whistle)


No real new dislikes to add this week. Just the norm.

Being set down when she doesn’t want to be (she prefers to be in our arms or in our laps)

Laying on her back when she doesn’t want to be, even for diaper changes

Being parted from her pacifier

Air being blown in her face

Tummy time for more than a few minutes

New Milestones/Developments

Daphs sits up steadily in her bouncer and boppy.

She is so very vocal at times. She often sounds like she’s crying, though she’s just being loud!

Her head is pretty stable.

She grasps onto things and lets go with ease.

She turns her head when I blow between my lips like “bbbbbbbbbbbbb”

She’s so alert.

Kickin’ her legs as always. I’m working with her on using them.

Worries with Milestones/Developments:

She still isn’t rolling over, though she’s beginning to twist her body.

She is very attached to her pacifier. I try not to give it to her immediately or let her have it all day long, but she likes it.

Sleeping Habits:

Bedtime at 8 or 9pm

Feeding at 12am

Feeding at 5am

Wake up for the day at 7:30am.

Still sleeping in the bassinet. She’ll be moving into the crib by the end of this week. She still kicks furiously and usually kicks off her swaddled blanket. She wakes by making little coughing noises and saying “aahhhhh…..ahhhhhhh” until I turn over and peer over the bassinet. At that point, she buries her chin into her chest and smiles as big as she can at first sight of me.

Eating Habits:

Still nursing. Having the same issues I had before, however. Still using the SNS to help her get more food.

No introduction of cereal or any sort of other foods yet.

She takes a liquid multivitamin +iron.

She eats about every 2 hours and feeds a few times at night.

Thoughts about the past week:
Been a decent week. Daphs has been my little sidekick. We went walking/jogging on base a few times. We have done a lot of singing together this week in addition to playing the piano. I’ve been teaching her how to do dishes and laundry, how to make coffee, how to feed ducks, and how to vacuum.

I bought Daphs a bouncer but felt absolutely idiotic when I found a bouncer already in our garage–we didn’t have room for it in the house. Soooooo I’m having to return it.

Breastfeeding: Daphs is still struggling with nursing. She still takes from me but is still just as easily discouraged as before when the milk gets hard to pull. The SNS (supplemental nutrition system) is cumbersome, to be generous in the description. I never heard back from the ladies in the lactation offices at WIC.

Daphs is intrigued by the chickens and duck roaming our property.

Daphne still looks so much like both of us! I see more of Sam in her than myself. I am with her constantly so I am used to her looks and don’t often see her as she is—growing up!




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