New Toys

New toys bring new adventures!

Sam, since selling his Bronco, has been pining for a new offroading/4×4 vehicle. I think secretly he regrets getting rid of the Bronco. At the time, it was the only option. We were moving cross country and weren’t able to drive it.

Almost daily, Sam scoured Craigslist for fun vehicles at a decent price.

After a run in with a crooked gypsy wanting to sell an overpriced and over-rusted Jeep, Sam was a bit discouraged.

UNTIL—he saw another awesome jeep on craigslist!

He and a friend from work went to check it out last night and must have liked it, or else it wouldn’t have come home with them on a trailer.

There’s a little bit of clutch work that needs to be done, but otherwise it’s in GREAT condition. This sweet number is a 1973 CJ5.

Sam sure will have fun with this new toy!


Daphne has been doing so well holding her head up. She prefers to be propped up or sitting up as opposed to laying down. She is growing so fast.

She’s putting on weight as well, which is super awesome.

Here she is enjoying a bit of tummy time!


Daphne will one day be able to enjoy the rain. I can just see us making mud pies and stomping around in the puddles. I can just imagine her pure joy as she stomps through puddles and the dirty water splashes all around. I can just see her stopping and looking up to smile and laugh a goofy loud laugh as the muddled water settles around her rainboots.

Yesterday was a rainy day. We enjoyed standing at the window and staring out at the rain. She was captivated by the rain coming down, the flags still flying in a treasonous fashion, and the cars zooming by with their bright lights flashing.

She and I were able to get out of the house for a bit. We visited Babies-R-Us and I picked out a bouncer for her. I found a nice one on clearance that had plenty of doo-dads and tiddly-winks.

I excitedly drove home only to pull into the driveway with a sleeping baby.



I restrained my excited arms from whipping her out of the carseat and plopping her in the bouncer I had set up. I let her sleep until she woke on her own.

After what seemed like an eternity, my sleeping beauty woke to a hug and a kiss (and a fresh diaper, of course).

I lowered her into the bouncer seat and stuffed a few blankets around her torso to prop her up.

I held my breath…


she loves it!

She didn’t fuss but a bit initially. I think she’ll really enjoy this! I like being able to have my hands free to show her new toys and to read to her.




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