Flu and Weight Checkup with Doctor Doom

Daphne caught a cold while back in Kansas. We had been to the ER while back in Kansas. We made sure to call the base clinic once we returned home. Our appointment was set for this morning.



We rustled around the house getting ready to go at 8am. I heated up a bowl of oatmeal and whipped together some coffees to go. Daphne was in high spirits, which was wonderful. I had spent the entire night coughing violently in bed. I am surprised neither Sam nor Daphs woke up screaming because of it.

We trekked onto base and checked into the pediatric clinic office. After only a few minutes of wait time, we were called back.

13feb (3) 13feb (4) 13feb (5) 13feb (6) 13feb (7)

First things first. Daphs was stripped down to her diaper and the nurse checked her heartbeat and listened to her chest. She was then placed on the scale. The scale read 12 pounds 4 ounces. Say WHA?! No way. The nurse thought it was a smidge odd too, so she had us change exam rooms to find a different scale. It read 9 pounds 6 ounces (Daphne weighed 9lbs 13oz in Kansas a week and a half ago).

The nurse walked us back to our exam room and we were told to wait for out doctor…Doctor Doom.

I mentally prepared myself for the influx of doom and gloom warnings to come.

This was the same doctor from before at the 2 month appointment.

This doctor could make a fish in the sea worry that there’s not enough water to drink.

This doctor could make carbonation bubbles in Coke feel guilty for being too loud.

This doctor could make Mario unsure if he really wants to save the princess from Koopa.

Dr. Doom could make lemonade self conscious about tasting like lemonade.

Doctor Doom came in and had her laptop in tow. This was the same laptop that delivered the growth charts a few weeks prior that had me worked up into tears. She asked us how we were and asked about Daphne’s symptoms. We straight up told her that she was really sick for a week and a half and had weighed in at 9pounds 13 ounces a week and a half ago.

Sam talked about Daphne’s symptoms and when prompted about what treatment she had there, mentioned the breathing treatments. Doctor Doom then marked a few things on her laptop. I turned my attention to Daphne and started tickling her to ease my own tension.

Dr. Doom then double checked Daphne’s weight with us. “9 pounds 6 ounces, right?” I then told her that I had been taking fenugreek to increase supply and been doing power pumping throughout the day to get a little better supply. She just nodded. I continued that Daphne has been getting her liquid multivitamin and I have been taking my pre-natals rigorously.

Doctor Doom then announced “Okay…Daphne has lost weight. I’m very concerned about these numbers. Look at this chart. There’s a steep decline. Mom, you might wanna come look at this.”

The whole time she was talking about the chart and the numbers, I wasn’t looking her way. I just knew that we were going to be scolded at this appointment because of Daphne’s low weight.

I figured I better give Dr. Doom a little bit of my attention, so I had Sam hold Daphs protected on the table and I walked over to the dreaded charts. Here’s what I see when I look at the chart:


Of course, that’s not what it said, but boy it sure felt like it.

Daphne was off the charts, apparently in a bad way. I specifically asked “So, this is the chart of age versus weight?” and Dr. Doom affirmed.

Then, Dr. Doom proceeded to say “This has me very concerned. Daphne will end up in the hospital at this rate. These numbers are not good. She should be gaining weight.”

At this point, I was raging inside. I really had to hold myself back from giving Dr. Doom a piece of my mind.

I made the choice to be decent and not be negative.

I asked “What needs to happen at this point? Should I increase my pumping times? Should I feed every hour or two?”

Dr. Doom halfheartedly replied “Yea..you could do that. Offer her some of the milk you pump after you feed her to supplement.”

She then said that we need to do a before nursing/after nursing weight check on Daphne and to go to the WIC office for that. I honestly am surprised they don’t do that at the pediatric office on base or even ASK about when she ate/pooped/peed last.

She then said “Okay. I need to see you back here on Friday.” I said “a week and a half?” She shook her head and said “No, two days from now. I hope to see progress.”

She told us to schedule our appointment with the front desk on our way out. We agreed and she left.

My dear…dear….dear friends.


Where to begin…

Momma bear came out in me after we left the clinic. I vented to Sam about my frustration with how the appointment went. I asked Sam multiple times if I was being way too critical or overreacting. He said I wasn’t, which just helped me see clearer why I was feeling so upset. Here are my thoughts on the appointment and Daphne’s health in general. Bear with me.

-I truly appreciate every person who encouraged me after the last appointment’s aftershocks. Knowing there are many other mothers who were in my same boat really encouraged me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

-Dr. Doom and the nurses do not do before feeding/after feeding weight checks.

-Dr. Doom and the nurses do not ask about when her last stools were (a good full diaper can weight 3 pounds…in some alternate universe…)

-Dr. Doom is stringent on sticking to “THE CHART” for growth and development. I realize that doctors must have a baseline on which to grade babies, but with her, there is no deviation.

-Dr. Doom should never have handled the situation in the manner or demeanor she did. Telling me, a first time mom, that my daughter is bound to end up in the hospital does not bode well.

-I have not worried or feared for my daughters health, growth, or development. The only times that I have been concerned are the times during and after my visit with Dr. Doom. She instills that fear in me.

-Dr. Doom offered no solution or remedy for the original problem we went to see her for: her flu. She said “Oh, it sounds like she had bronchialitus. Did the breathing treatments seem to work? Good.” She did say that the flu had to run its course (which I agree with) but she didn’t offer any type of pain relief or symptom relief at all.

-Dr. Doom only suggested that we get Daphne weighed before and after feeding and that we return on Friday for a weight check. She didn’t offer a course of action. SAM and I offered a course of action and she agreed.

-Is Daphne seriously supposed to gain a pound in two days to appease her at the appointment on Friday?

-I felt as if my diet and feeding routine were not examined. She did not ask me to keep a log of my routines, my diet, or supplements. She did not bring up the idea of supplementing with formula or switching to formula. I guess that’s a good thing…but if she really was intensely concerned with Daphne’s well being, shouldn’t she have?

-I feel that Daphne is a healthy baby girl. She is not lethargic. She is only fussy when she gets tired. She is active. She is building muscles. She has been passing milestones (found her hands last week. Reached for and grabbed onto a hanging toy in my hand in front of her just this afternoon. Has been steadily holding up her head and sitting up tall for the past week or so with me holding onto her waist, of course). Daphne kicks her legs and arms frequently. Daphne is thin, but has a little potbelly and does not have ribs or bones protruding. 

-I have enlisted my kitchen timer to be set at 90 minute intervals to remind me to feed Daphne. I have been feeding her every 90 minutes since we got out of the appointment. I don’t feel as if she’s getting much, but it will take a few days for my supply to catch up.

As I mentioned, I had mentally prepared myself for an influx of negativity from Dr. Doom based on past experience with her. I was not prepared for her to tell me my daughter is headed for the hospital, however. I realize that she has to protect her butt. I mean, it would look horrible on HER if Daphne did end up sick (heaven forbid) and she was to blame for not showing enough concern or recommending treatment.

Today’s appointment had me in a tiff for a few hours after.

I dropped Sam off at his work and drove Daphs and myself over to the BX and Commissary.

I ran in a box to ship to my mom and proceeded to the BX to check out the workout gear and pretty dresses. I passed by the makeup counter and pined for all the retro-looking makeup boxes and companies mimicking old styles. I really would like to spend an afternoon with a lady behind that counter and have her teach me about makeup and tricks and splurge on a whole big set of face shtuff. This feeling roots deeper in my mind when I look in the mirror and see hairs sprouting where they shouldn’t on my eyebrows, tired bags sagging under my eyes, and uneven porous skin due to my obsessive nature and stress acne in high school.

I found a few things I liked but avoided buying. Daphs and I shared a few moments of laughter.

We returned to Sam’s shop to pick him up for lunch. We drove to Cains Chicken and ate yummy chicken! I highly recommend that place.

During lunch, Sam called his mom and I called mine, both of us asking them the same question: “Did you experience this with any of your kids? Were any of us tiny or underweight?” Unfortunately, they both gave the same answer—that they had chubby kids. I suppose I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t worry me.

We finished up lunch and I then dropped Sam off at work. It was about 1pm. I was to pick up Sam again at 4pm. I didn’t really want to drive home, so Daphne and I spent the afternoon together out.

We first visited the Library, where there were quite a few middle aged men who looked like they didn’t belong in a library. I found a few books I checked out and am eager to read.


13feb (36)

I ADORE the vintage style logos and posters. Makes me…happy.

13feb (38)

I found a few books for me to read to Daphne as well! I am eager to read them to her tomorrow. The volunteers at the library checking my books out for me said there isn’t a limit on books, so I am very happy about that.

I saw that we had only spent an hour in the library. 2pm. I decided to head over to the Outlet mall to find some workout gear.

A dear friend of mine is headed off to school out of town in a week and a half and offered me her bib for the 10k race she had signed up for. You bet your sweet buttons I signed up for it! It is the Cooper River Bridge Run.  Just over 6 miles. Easy Peasy Japaneasy.

So, Daphs and I arrived at the Outlets. Daphs was asleep. I lugged out the stroller and plopped her inside. She was still asleep. I walked around for half an hour and turned into the restrooms to nurse Daphs. I have to admit that the Tanger Outlets ROCK in that department. The bathrooms have a separate room for nursing (complete with a rocking chair) and a changing table as well. Rock on, Tanger Outlets.

I then found a new pair of jogging pants and a top to match. Black bottoms. Grey striped workout top. Yea!

I then stopped into Old Navy and found my favorite peach colored sparkly shoes on clearance. Sweet!

Daphs and I walked around some more, enjoying the warm breeze and sunny afternoon out.

Note: All of the following pictures were taking consecutively, within seconds of each other. Yes. She is that expressive.


13feb (12) 13feb (14) 13feb (15) 13feb (16) 13feb (17) 13feb (18) 13feb (19) 13feb (20) 13feb (21) 13feb (22) 13feb (23) 13feb (24) 13feb (25) 13feb (26) 13feb (27) 13feb (28) 13feb (29) 13feb (30) 13feb (31) 13feb (32) 13feb (33) 13feb (34) 13feb (35)


After the minute it took me to take all of those shots, we kept walking. I found one of those cell phone case kiosks and found a case for my phone.

I tried to take a picture of the case with my phone camera….


13feb (39)

oh… didn’t work. I tried again.

13feb (40)


Hrm. Didn’t work again… let’s try again.



There. Got it. Whew…that was hard.


So there’s my awesome new phone case.


All in all, today was a good day. Daphs and I shared a lot of laughs and giggles. I love just stopping in my tracks and making her smile. I think it’s a good habit to get into.

Here’s hoping to a better appointment on Friday. I’ll keep you posted.








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