A talent for music

It rained today. All day.

Looking out my front door, I saw a blurred view of what I usually see–like looking through a frosted glass or a pixelated screen.

The rain dropped ounce by ounce onto our grass and I fully enjoyed staring at it as it puddled throughout the yard. One day, Daphs and I will run outside in our rain boots (gaudy bright ones) and our umbrellas (what’s the point, really?) and jump through puddles.

Making messes can be productive for imagination and creativity! Cleaning up after may not be fun…but think of the memories made!

I really enjoy the rain. I stood at the door with Daphs in my arms and talked to her about how rain is created, what it does, and how much I enjoy it.

After a while, I figured since Daphs was in good spirits, I’d get the chance to set her down in her bouncer to watch and listen as I play piano.

I usually hold her in my lap and brace her with one arm while I play piano with my other arm. She is interested, but not as much as when I’m able to lay her in her bouncer.

I walked over to the piano and gingerly placed her in the bouncer. She just stared up at me. YES! I would be able to play and sing for her!

I turned as quickly as I could in my chair to face the piano and started playing arpeggios. She turned  as her eyes got wide and stared at me intently. I smiled.

I first played Mozart’s Sonata in C.

This was the same song I played often while pregnant.

Daphs just stared up at me with eager anticipation (as much as can be noticed in a 2.5 month old).

After I finished that one, I moved straight into Disney.

Oh Disney, you never let me down.

I started out with Pocahontas.

Picture this: I am sitting on a dining table chair up at my half upright piano, the top stacked with piano music and music gear. There are a few keys chipped and faded. The piano is sorely out of tune from middle C down. To spare myself from a headache caused by an out of tune instrument, I stayed above Middle C (played high sounding notes, for you non-musical folks).

Here I am, sick as a dog, stuffed up and congested, and coughing hard every minute or so.

I build up my singing to the chorus of the song and belt out “….have you EEEEEEVVER HEARD THE WOLF CRYYYYY TO-THE BLUEEEE COORRRN MOOOOON?” as loud as I can. I look down at Daphs when I come off my belting high and she is smiling.



Full on grinning. That little toothless smile with a scrunched up nose and a dimple on the cheek. I kept singing but I have to be honest with you, friend. I started crying while singing. I got all sorts of choked up at the thought of my daughter enjoying my playing and singing, even though I sounded like a bullfrog choking on a fly when I sang to her.

I forgave myself a LONG time ago for singing out of tune or forgetting words with Daphs. As my grandpa would say when I’d stop playing and point out a mistake…”Just keep playing. People don’t know the difference.”

So, blubbering like a blueberry, I continued. I sang my little heart out.

I didn’t hit every note. I got my lyrics mixed up. I sure sounded congested and blubbery.

Daphne didn’t care. She smiled and even cooed once for me when I was playing. She started kicking her feet a bit when I got towards the end.

Feeling encouraged, I then moved onto Beauty and the Beast.

Daphs wasn’t as excited about this one, but she still was held captivated by my bullfrog belting.

Oh, how I love singing to Daphs. I love playing music to her. I love sharing myself with her.

I have wondered in the past if a love for music can be taught to babies. Talent for music is innate–a natural aptitude. If Daphne does end up having a love for music, I want to encourage it now. I think a respect for music can be taught, even if a passion does not develop out of it. The same thing can be said for any hobby, really.

After Daphne and my musical escapades, I kept her in her bouncy and attached the overhead bar to it which allows for 3 hanging toys with rings on the very ends.

The middle ring, when pulled, makes music. Ever since we received this bouncer, I just figured the ring was for me to pull down when I wanted music to be played for my baby.

I realized that Daphs grabs onto things just fine but I want to encourage her to actually reach out for things. I took a look at the hanging down toys and thought to myself “Gee…those are a perfect length for babies to reach out and grab…”


So I lifted Daphs hands, encouraging her to grab onto the rings . She grabbed onto them with ease. I felt so stupid for not realizing this sooner. Doy.



Daphne had discovered her hands while we were back in Kansas and I look forward to encouraging her to explore.

I will continue to promote music in my house, whether singing, playing, or just listening. Perhaps a talent will emerge from Daphne some day. Perhaps not. Either way, we have a jolly good time laughing and singing together while I play my out of tune piano, bullfrog voice and all.


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