What I did today.

This is a post about what I did today. Yes. I list everything I did.

I woke up to the sound of my lovely daughter coughing. No, it wasn’t a cute little throat clearing cough. The poor child was hacking her lungs out. She’s been sick for the past few days and is now into the coughing stage of the illness. As a first time mom, I can tell you that I haven’t experienced anything more heart wrenching than seeing my baby in pain and hurting. I’ve been on the verge of tears knowing that I can’t take away her pain or feel the pain her place.

After Sam and I consoled her a bit, we had our usual morning discussions about how much we love each other, giggle-time, and snuggles. Here is the typical evolution:


Yeah…I guess that’s funny…


Oh I see what you did there…That’s pretty clever…




That’s so funny! BWAHHHHAHAHAH! You made me laugh so hard I tooted!

Yea… my daughter is a ham. How can I NOT be excited to wake up each morning?

I chugged my water and ate my vitamins and Fenugreek.

I went to the bathroom.

I made myself some oatmeal for breakfast.

Sam and I had been feeling icky all night and when we woke up, so he played some Call of Duty while I cleaned the house a little. Being away from home for a few weeks puts into perspective how much I adore the fact that I’m anal about cleaning house before trips. To be fair, I wasn’t focused on much of anything but getting out the door and onto the plane.


Being goofs.


She loves all the movement and colors on screen when he plays.


Not impressed.


Sort of impressed.


Really impressed.




Anxious to play….

2013-02-09_15-42-10_381 (1)



If you concentrate hard enough, the earth will implode.

I made Sam a roast beef sandwich and cut up a tomato for him to eat.

Daphne was fed and was comfortable, for the time being.

I made the executive decision to be healthy (yay.) and go on a walk! I packed up Daphs in her carseat. Sam grabbed the stroller out of the car for me and set it up (what a sweetheart!). I did a lap outside and on my return towards the house, I saw Sam with the pups heading towards me! He wanted to join me on my walk. That made me so happy…more than happy actually. I was really thankful. With him there, I wanted to walk more. I did 2 miles with my daughter, pups, and awesome husband.


I braced Daph’s head as well as I could with a few blankets. At just under 12 weeks, she’s able to hold up her head on her own and she stabilizes it quite well. I didn’t want her head shaking around in the carseat as we walked on the uneven earth around the house. It’ll be a while before I feel comfortable jogging the land with her. If I start jogging on base on the paved roads, I’ll jog.

During our 2 mile walk, we discussed thoughts on building a shooting and archery range in the back 9, clearing out all the small trees in the center to make a privacy fence on both sides, and plans for the weekend.

The dogs were well behaved!

We came back into the house and were greeted with a warm breeze. The house was a cozy 75 while outside had been about 60. This was quite a change.

Daphs woke up and Sam took care of her as I grabbed the clothes from the wash and put them out on the line.

I walked outside with my white plastic laundry basket filed to the brim with wet clothes. I thought to myself how wonderful life is.

I dwelled on thoughts of Daphne old enough to walk out to the line with me and help me hang clothes. I smiled.

I thought more on how wonderful life is, how the breeze smelled of a distant fire, and of how much I love my little family inside those walls of the house next to me.

I started hanging my clothes up and heard rustling in the bushes. Birds.

I looked up to see a cloudless sky and turned around to look down the back 9 and the sun burned my eyes. I blinked and smiled even greater.

I was so happy that I did something for ME today. I walked. I exercised.

I finished hanging my clothes and toodled back inside.

Upon seeing that we didn’t have any fresh food in the fridge, I offered to go grocery shopping. Sam offered to stay back to play COD and watch Daphs. So I went!

At Bi-lo, I bought so many new veggies for me to try out in my juicer. I bought asparagus, parsley, turnip greens, brussel sprouts, celery, and cucumber to add to my mix. I also bought some peppers, oranges, apples, and a pineapple. Salads and fresh fruits/veggies are a staple in my diet.

While back in Kansas, I didn’t eat like I wanted to or exercise. I was quite depressed about that fact and it didn’t help my emotional state considering the loss of my father. I confided in Sam about my issues and we agreed that I could and should be okay with buying as much fresh fruit and veggies as I need to maintain my healthy diet. Daphs needs all the nutrition too. Win/Win.

My state of being has been on my mind a lot lately. I expressed my concern to you a few posts back and will continue to be honest and open about my life.

So in an effort to remedy one area of my life I am struggling with, I vowed to change my diet for good and to pick up working out again.

Back to my grocery experience…

I loaded up my cart with unhealthy items for Sam and his unsatiated love for Blue Bell ice cream and pizza. I checked out and got my usual odd looks from people looking up at my hair. It’s just so cute when little kids stare or point. I usually hear a “did you see that girl’s hair?” or “It’s rainbow hair!” I just smile. It’s just so much fun having crazy colored hair.

I finished up at Bi-Lo and drove through mad traffic to Sally’s to get my hair color shtuff.

The ladies there were having a rather intense discussion about employee behavior to one another and one was being reprimanded for lashing out to another employee on shift. I felt kinda bad for walking in on this conversation.

Either way, I debated between Pillarbox Red, WildFire, and UltraViolet.

viol wild Print

After much debate, I decided to go with UltraViolet all over.

I paid and made the trek back home.

Upon my return, Sam greeted me at the door (as did the mutts) with Daphne crying. He offered to grab the groceries if I’d take Daphs. Deal.

With her fed, it was perfect timing to go change her diaper. By the way, I LOVE having her in cloth diapers again. I missed them.

I changed Daphs and midway through, I noticed she was staring up at me with those big ol’ blues. I started singing to her. I sang her :

Daphne loved it. She stared up at me with wide eyed wonder and slowly, she started to coo. She cooed along with me as I sang and it got to the point where she was genuinely singing with me. She’d nearly match my pitch and she’d hold her coos for long periods of time. I just kept singing. She kept on singing with me, my little singing partner. We’ll be the greatest duo in history…greater than Brooks and Dunn, greater than peas and carrots, and greater than Sonny and Cher.

As she was singing to me, I realized just how much I love being with Daphne. My little girl is growing up and is so alert and happy. She is halfway between 2 and 3 months old. Her smiles fill me with joy. She is holding her body and head up so steadily as I hold her in my lap. She is an attentive baby. I just love everything about her. I anticipate each new day with a fresh joy for teaching and learning.

She soon decided to take a nap, so I slathered on my hair dye and let it sit for a while.

Here is the result of my dye (and the love of my life, of course).

While Daphs continues to nap, my first love and I are watching Wreck-It Ralph and I am finishing this post.

Life really is good, friends. Make sure you find the joy in everything you do!

Each day gets better than the one before and for this, I am thankful.

Tomorrows topic for discussion: The topics of Homeschooling and the character trait – scorn.


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