Daphne, my blue eyed girl.


First, here is my sister, my brother, and me back in the day. I think I was about a freshman or sophomore in high school there.

Here are some updates of Daphne, my beautiful blue eyed girl.


Say what?!

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While I was pregnant, I did all those “Find out the color of eyes your child will have! Find out his hair color too!” And there was a small chance our baby would have blue eyes and light hair. I’m glad she hit both of those slim chances! There are many things I love about Daphne, but her blue eyes rank up there in the top 3.

She’s such a joy. I love this little girl. She brings so much light to my life and makes my heart full of love and happiness.


3 thoughts on “Daphne, my blue eyed girl.

      1. calicocat41 says:

        I just saw this reply, My blogging ability is slowly getting better! 10 years older! Ok, now I know why I don’t know your bro, we have only lived in Salina 12 yrs…hope you are doing better, I think it would take a long time to feel better from a loss of a parent. Take care!

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