Daphne: The amazing multitasking 8 week old.

My daughter…Daphne.


See how goofy she is?


See how much she didn’t like getting a bath today?


See how she wanted to hide from me?


Meh. It all worked out in the end.


 My daughter is the amazing multitasking 8 week old. Yes. You heard it here first folks. I’ll be signing her up for the traveling side show at the circus presently.

Yesterday morning, when I lifted her up out of her bassinet, I pulled her in close to have our morning ‘I love you” date.

She looked up at me.

I oogled and googled and cooed at her.

She cracked a smile, giggled, and farted all at once.

Can you believe it? Farted.

MY innocent little princess farted like a bean filled cowboy.

My angel daughter tooted like the little engine that could.

My precious newborn blew the horn like a trumpet.

My dainty daughter cut not only the cheese, but the whole batch of cream too.

The amazing multitasking 8 week old takes her bow. She’ll be here all week all her life.

Enjoy the little toottastic moments, friends.


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