Bleach Washing Unnatural Hair Colors! (And baby manicuring…and no heat curls)

Here is a newer tutorial on another bleaching adventure I had. How to bleach and dye your hair blue and using COCONUT OIL!

I have officially donned a new title: Cosmetologist. I’ll just tack it onto my other ones. I am now to be known as JennaWeaverWifeMilitarySpouseDogParentArtistBakerPhotographerMotherCosmetologist. But for short, I’ll let you call me Jenna. Just this once.

I am now a cosmetologist, fully licensed by myself to manicure my darling Daphne’s fingernails and to cut my husbands hair. As I’ve mentioned before, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up after a long nap to have your nails trimmed, filed, and gloriously done up? Yes. Yes it would. I wouldn’t know that feeling, however. My daughter experienced that before me. Really?! An 8 week old has done something I haven’t done! Wait…she’s done a lot of stuff I haven’t done, like pooping while in a moving vehicle,  being bounced on a stability ball while being cradled in another person’s arms… But I digress.

Here we have Daphne caught sleeping and the infamous manicuring happening.


My daughter. She’s so lucky.

Ah yes. Moving on to crazy hair coloring and bleach washing.

I’ve had my blue hair for one year this month. A whole year of the blue glory. I use Manic Panic coloring.

I have decided to move onto a different color. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the blue. I love it, in fact. However, I think it’s time to switch it up a bit.

I had a  bleach kit I bought from Sally’s Beauty Supply, the 30 volume one. I knew that it wouldn’t stretch to do all my hair since it’s so long, so I looked for ways to make it stretch. BLEACH WASH!

*************I also tried a Color Zap color remover from Loreal. It took out months worth of color to reveal the green underneath. Give it a try…*****************

A bleach wash is basically diluting down a bleach kit (or your own bleaching materials). The idea is that it is gentler (as gentle as bleaching can be) on your hair, as the bleach isn’t full strength. I read that this kind of thing was ideal for just a few shades of lightening and especially for unique hair colors. So. Lemme sum up.

Here’s what I did. I started with my hair dry and a bit dirty. I had teal/blue on the underside, and on the top was both blue and purple dye that have been layered for the past month or so.


The teal underside!


I mixed up the bleach kit as per the directions. I then added half that amount of shampoo (Diamond Shine Shampoo from Sally’s) into the container. I added about…oh..3 tablespoons or so of water to it as well. I mixed it up to a nice smooth consistency.  I then put it on my hair, starting as best I could on the tips and moving upwards. I fully admit that I was in a hurry and did not do as thorough of a job as I should have. Once it all was on my head, I started lathering very gently with my fingers to work it into the roots and deeper into my hair.

Either way, here we have me processing the ‘do with my hairdryer.


It’s already lightening up!


Whew! So light! I love it! This was taken after about 15 minutes of applying heat to it.


I jumped in the shower and rinsed out the bleach wash fully. I then shampooed with Head and Shoulders shampoo. I used very generous amounts and I did a shampoo routine twice. It kept lathering up a lot and pulling more purple/blue out, so I did it twice. I then used a LOT LOT LOT of conditioner on my hair and let it sit for a while.

Here is the damp hair! You can see how much it was lightened. My roots, previously, were dark brown. The wash lightened them up nicely!




I went on ahead and dried my hair a bit. Here, as you can see, the blue didn’t come out of the hair much. I honestly attribute this to the fact that I skimped over applying the wash down there. I focused more on top , and that’s where it came out of. I plan another bleach wash in a few weeks, and I’ll focus down there to see how it does.


Whoa nelly…so much lighter than the blue before!

I’d say the bleach wash worked..




And here we have the unevenness of the hair color. I focused my energy on getting the color out of the top, so I didn’t really apply a lot of the bleach wash to the sides or underside of my hair. Hence the blue.


That blue still remains down below too!


So there we have the results of the bleach wash. It was a success!

Now. Onto more fun things.

I absolutely adore long curly hair. You know what kind I’m talking about…that long flowing hair with big waved curls. Man. Women must spend a long time on achieving those luscious curly locks. In fact, I know they do. I’ve known of friends waking 2 hours early every morning just to achieve those curls by curling iron.


You won’t see me waking up before I have to for a hairstyle…no way.

So. I have been searching for methods to curl my hair without heat (as I already do enough damage to my hair with the bleach).

Some gals do the sock bun thing.

Others use rags and tie it up. (start at 2:30)

Me? I’m giving something way easier a try.

Materials needed:

A headband



Put the headband on, making sure your hair is down at the sides and not tucked behind your ears.

Pull a small strand out and separate it from your other hair.


Lift it up and tuck it under the headband from the top and going to the inside.


Like so. Keep moving back with your hair.


Move to the other side when you’re at the back.


For tighter curls, pull the wraps tight.For looser ones, let them loose. The hardest part about this for me was grabbing the hair once I tucked it over the headband. Takes a little coordination…


Here we are at the back.Keep on going!


Here I am tucking the last piece under. It had to be wrapped a few times to get most of it.


Finished hair! I’ll sleep on it and check it out in the morning. I’m honestly loving this look, however.

With a different headband, I could rock this during the day!!!


Yay for multicolor cotton candy hair!


And the back! I’m eager to see the curls that come from this.


Here is a video, if you need that!

So there you have it. My bleach was was a success. I am very eager to see the results of this curling method. It took me about 10-15 minutes to do it. I KNOW it can be done faster once I get the hang of it. I totally can spare 15 minutes at night to wake up the next day with rockin’ curls. Yes. Now that’s a hair routine I could live with!

Have a splendid day, friends!


Here’s how the curls turned out in the morning:

IMG_20130120_090929 IMG_20130120_090708 IMG_20130120_090642

AAAAAAND I re-bleached it and colored it again. (22Jan)



7 thoughts on “Bleach Washing Unnatural Hair Colors! (And baby manicuring…and no heat curls)

  1. Hello, after my hair have been “violeted” by the hairdresser, turning grey, i was searching google for a fix for it and then also found your blog..This seems to work..So thank you si much for sharing this tips.. I shall try! Best wishes from Norway, Camilla

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