The ratio of good to bad: A first time mom statistic.


Daphne turned 8 weeks old today. Five more days until she turns two months old. Good Lord Almighty. Whoever is pressing the fast forward button needs to cut it out.

What can I say about the past 8 weeks?

-I have never been more in love with anyone as much as Sam until Daphne.

-Daphne has been a great sleeper from the beginning. She’s been a great and efficient eater. In general, I’d say Daphne is just plain great. She has made our experience as first time parents a great one. We’ve transitioned into parenthood with ease.

-I am so thankful to my husband that I am able to stay at home with Daphne to take care of her.

-The prospect of homeschooling is becoming more and more appealing.

-Sam is an excellent father. He is tremendous. He is eager to hold Daphs when he comes home from work, he asks how she’s doing during the day, and he excitedly talks/plays with her when he is home. He volunteers to change her diapers throughout the night. He laughs with her during bath time. He calls her “gorgeous.” A good father is a sexy one. I am more attracted than ever to my husband.

-Cloth diapering isn’t a horrible thing and you don’t have to be a granola crunching hippie to do it.

-Daphne has grown to smile more and is holding up her head very well now!

-Each morning, I lean over the bassinet and start my ‘I love you’ conversation with Daphne. She smiles as big as she can, her eyes light up, and I swoop her into my arms, hugging her close. I look forward to waking up each morning for that, no matter how little sleep I’ve had.

-Daphne loves to be swaddled but wiggles free from it while she sleeps. I usually find her with the blankets unwrapped and her legs kicking hard.

-Daphs farts like a bear in the woods, tremendously loud with no regard for any other life form.

-Her eyes continually lighten. I am thankful they are blue!

-When I change her cloth diaper, I first have to remove the waterproof diaper cover. They are attached with velcro. When I un-velcro it, she gets startled, throws her arms behind her head with fists clenched, and scrunches her face.

-Daphne’s eyelashes are unusually long. When I wanna sweep the floor, I just ask her to blink.

-Her little triangle toenails are evening out.

-Daphs kicks just as much as she did from when she was inside.

-Her sleep record is 8 hours, and that happened last night.

-Her looks from her papa: Eye shape. Hair color. Full lips. Sneeze. Long lean body and legs. Strong monkey toes.

-Her looks from her momma: Eye color. Smile. Full lips. Ears. Chin.

-Daphne is a laid back little girl.

-I take a preventative approach to taking care of Daphne. I prefer to prevent her from crying. I change her diaper often. I feed her every few hours during the day. If she starts fussing, I take care of her before she starts actually crying.

-Daphne full out cries only for a couple of reasons: when she’s left alone in the carseat while Sam and I are in the front seat of the car. She doesn’t like to be alone. She also cries when we put her horizontally when she doesn’t want to be–sometimes for diaper changes, sometimes for her swing.

-I love breastfeeding. I enjoy the bond we share and the time we get to spend so close together. Daphs makes a “kyup” sound while eating and I am filled with joy that she’s getting good nutrients from me.

-The most common comment I hear after people see Daphs: “What beautiful big blue eyes!” or something along those lines.

-Asking for advice or help is not a cry of the weak. I’ve gleaned advice about breastfeeding, diapers, sleep, and so much more from friends and family alike. I also treasure my November mom group on facebook for the candid advice.

-I am almost completely healed. The only pain I have is on my c-section scar, but I think that’ll take a long time to go away fully. I’m back to exercising at full force.

-Daphne sings with me. When I sing to her, she coos back.

-The ratio of good to bad equals 99:1. Ninety Nine percent of the time, life is good. Daphne is smiling, sleeping, playing, kicking, and being a freakin’ adorable baby. One percent of the time, Daphne is mid-poop, bawling in the back seat of my car,¬†inconsolable, or exhibiting behavior that has me running to her aid or to Dr. Google. There have been bad days, believe me, where I bawl my eyes out from mental or physical exhaustion, but overall, time passes gracefully.

My heart overflows with joy.



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