How to make no mistakes in parenting: A tutorial.

Daphs at the grocery! I love this little bright eyed girl.

IMG_20130113_124451 Image

A funny face I caught a few days ago!


Feeny’s attempt at rolling over. Not too successful…


Dumb mutt.


A fun gift from mom!


New bibles from our friend Zach!


My art station!


Yet another dumb mutt enjoying her bone!


Thanks Mom for the awesome art!


How to make no mistakes in parenting: A tutorial.

Step 1: Collect every shred of love you have stored in your body and give it to your child.

Step 2: Get hearing aids. Not only for the endless temporary crying fits, but also for when others tell you how to raise your child. Be open to new ideas and suggestions, but don’t be afraid to turn off your hearing aid every once in a while and follow your instinct.

Step 3: Parenting is a competition; A competition for attention. Even though it is a constant struggle to give attention to your child, your significant other, friends, and yourself, you do not have to have to have just one winner. Take time for yourself. Invest in your little one’s future but do not lose your grip on your other relationships. Your child needs you to be healthy and happy.

Step 4: Don’t press the Fast Forward button. I find myself eager to get Daphne talking, crawling, and learning her ABC’s. For goodness sake, she is nearly 8 weeks old. Live in the moment where you are with your child. Let them grow and be patient. Enjoy the precious time you have with them while they are infants.

Step 5: Throw out your books. Yes. Get rid of your library. Experts offer, well, expert advice on how to raise your child, what to feed them, how to make sure they don’t grow up to be dysfunctional, and how to avoid raising a hellion. There is a place for that advice, however, listen to your heart. I do not believe parenting is a black and white topic. As I have stated before, go with your gut. If you feel something is wrong or not right, then get help. If you have a concern, voice it. Just because a ‘reputable source’ claims that one way is the right way does not mean it is the right way for YOU or your family.

Step 6: Whiten your teeth. Make sure you flash those pearly whites at your kiddo often. This makes a positive impact on your child. Laugh often. Smile.

Step 7: To know how to not make mistakes in parenting, you have to know what those mistakes are so you can avoid them. Here are some things I have noticed about mistaken parenting:

  • Showing impatience and irritation to a child (when that moment could be a teaching/learning moment)
  • Being emotionally absent from your child’s life. Even though you as a parent might be physically with your child, it is possible for you to be emotionally distant.
  • Constantly on the phone texting or doing whatever, watching tv, playing games, or pecking at the keyboard rather than spending time with your child. This teaches them that something else is more important than them.
  • Foregoing a teaching moment because it’s easier for the parent to do it rather than take the extra time to allow the child to do it. Ex: folding clothes, picking up toys, baking or cooking, etc.

Step 8: Get speech therapy. Let only uplifting, positive, and loving words come out of your mouth. Try to turn around negatives to positives. Not only does that encourage a positive outlook on life, but it teaches kiddo that even though things may look or be bad, there can be good found in it. Give “I love you” freely. Say it often. Be careful with how often you say “No.”

Step 9: Do the Hokey pokey with your kids. Put your right hand in and shake it all about. Get in touch with what is going on with your child’s life. Stay involved. Ask questions. Stir things up. Maintaining open communication from the get go will pay dividends as the kiddo grows up.

Step 10: Be perfect. Seriously. To make no mistakes, you have to be a perfect human. Start being perfect.


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