Feeling good from Paleo!



Almost 2 weeks into my Paleo diet and I feel amazing. I hate using the word ‘diet,’ but for lack of better word, it’ll do. The Paleolithic diet excludes processed foods, sugars, dairy, and sweets. 

Throughout the past few years, I’ve gone Paleo and included juicing into my eating routine. I have never felt better than when I cut out crap. I feel so energized.

It’s an odd thing, however. With Paleo and juicing, I consume so much more food than when I don’t do paleo or juice. For example, concerning veggies and fruits, today I ate 3 sweet potatoes and 6 apples. On days that I juice, I consume massive amounts of veggies that would be ghastly to sit down to and try to eat regularly. I love the jolt of nutrition I get from juicing!

I am feeling so good. I feel so healthy. To be fair, I’ve included cheese and high protein yogurt in my diet along with regular salad dressing in my diet to get a little more of what I need to nurse Daphne. Some days I have a bowl of oatmeal to help with my nursing supply as well.

I’ve continued doing my home workout and picked up running a bit when I can. I feel so relieved that I’ve healed properly from pregnancy and I am able to exercise comfortably!

On the other hand, I think the scale has a vendetta against me. The weight from pregnancy slipped off like a slinky slip but I plateaued, miraculously, at my exact weight I was pre-pregnancy. I’ve balanced out a few pounds heavier currently. Why, oh why does my body have to stop dropping weight when I don’t want it to?!

I originally thought that cutting out all processed foods would be difficult for me. I was way wrong! This has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I haven’t been tempted to eat ice cream, cereals, and breads. I think I am so motivated to be healthy that I refuse to fail.

I was tired of being a slave to food. I lived to eat. Instead, I should eat to live. My focus on food was unhealthy and I used it as a substitute for facing my feelings and confront my inner demons.  As simple as it is, cutting out processed foods has released me from being a slave to myself. I know for a fact that I am putting good things in my body and this gives me energy and a positive self image.

I am more happy now than I ever have been. I put together a little collage of myself. I look at the pictures I have of myself in the past and am not happy. I know I was not happy then as well.


The pictures date back to Early 2011 and progress until today on the far right.
I feel so much more positive about myself now than I did back then. I’ve got a few goals concerning running and exercising that I’d like to accomplish. I would like to be able to run a mile in under 8 minutes. I would like to be able to do handstands and more complex yoga moves. I would like to be able to wear certain clothes with confidence. I will reach these goals because I know I will succeed. I am confident! I think a positive attitude is crucial. I think visualization is important as well. I see myself fit and toned, happy and confident. I see it soon.

It’s never to late to change something you are not happy with. You are not stuck in your current state forever (unless you are a rock, and even then it is negotiable).


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