For the love of the written word!



A blog is a place for interesting information, thoughts, and pictures. I have to admit that not a lot has been happening lately, which is a good thing! I feel slightly ashamed that I haven’t posted as much as I used to, but I hate to just rant!

Daphne, my dearest Daphne, turned 6 weeks old last Tuesday. We had our 6 week appointment at the birth center on Thursday. Daphne was weighed and checked while I was checked by my midwife. Daphne weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces! My little girl is growing so much! I am healthy and my midwife was pleased with my recovery.

Daphne continues to amaze Sam and me. She still sleeps through the night, waking only once or twice for a feeding and to be changed. She loves to be held, sang to, and talked to. She still likes to be swaddled. While doing tummy time, she holds her head up for a bit of time and doesn’t fuss. She also is able to hold her head steadily when I sit her on my knee. Such a strong little girl! I found out today that she loves to be read to, so much in fact that she falls asleep during it.

I had been craving a good read and picked up “The Hunger Games.” I waited for just the right moment, as a lion waits to pounce on the prey. The moment Daphne woke from her nap this afternoon, I picked her up and hurried off to the bedroom. I read the first chapter while she reclined and eventually fell asleep. I continued reading to her in her sleep.

What a joy to be able to read to my daughter! I felt so much excitement as I read through the chapter, bringing to life each character and describing everything. I am hopeful that Daphne will grow to love reading and hearing stories be told. I know I will enjoy continuing to act out books for her.

I have missed reading lately. I long to curl up on my couch on a cool afternoon while it rains and get lost wandering through the pages of a book. This got me thinking about why I don’t read more often than I like. Technology has eaten away at the tangible world, for me.

I enjoy spending time on my computer or watching movies. I fear that I, along with many men and women my age, will become dependent upon technology. So much to the point of not wanting to touch the world around them or get lost in a book.

Watching ‘The Hobbit’ with my husband brought about a thought in my head as well. Gandalf makes a good point about Bilbo Baggins becoming a homebody. He basically asks Bilbo why he is choosing doilies, family heirlooms, and his comfort of home over taking adventure. This got me thinking about why I choose to get lost in a world online when there is the world outside my front door. Time spent with technology on my phone, computer, or television isn’t necessarily wasted, however.

Technology such as the internet has great use, especially concerning investigating local and world news and researching information of all sorts. I am able to stay in touch with family and friends through facebook. I can, with ease, hold a conversation with a friend states away via texting on my phone. I do enjoy technology. I love the *magic* of it, being able to type something, click a button, and ship it across the galaxy to another person who will receive it. Amazing. I also love the *magic* of flipping through an old book and bringing to life the events and people in my own head while the scent of old paper lingers in the air around me.

I do hope Daphne loves to read.


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