Goals for 2013


To eat “clean” (paleolithic and/or raw food diet, very minimal processed foods)

Build up my art portfolio

Participate in Threadcakes

Participate in photography competitions

Keep up with my daily photos of Feeny

Maintain a cleaner house

Reach out to at least one person a day, whether on line or in person.

Run again, hopefully in races. Ultimately, a marathon, but at least train for a half.

Dye my hair every color of the rainbow at least once.

Train myself to wear heels.

Get my piano tuned.

Become a more open, loving, and forgiving person.

Read my bible. Find a church home.

Make friends.

Create a giant gingerbread sculpture for Christmas.

Make turducken for Thanksgiving.

Go to the ocean more. Run on the beach.

Sew a few fun geek quilts. Mario, minecraft, etc.

Attend a ComicCon

Have a weekly fire in our firepit.

Be a better wife. Remind Sam daily of reasons I’m thankful for him and why I love him.

Run a forest trail.

Have another baby (maybe?)

Go hiking.

Go camping.

Read at least a book a month.

Participate in more forums online.

Check worldwide news at least weekly

Check local news at least weekly, preferably every other day.

Take a ceramics class.

Paint another set of dishes.

 Make jewelry–spoon pendants, deconstructed antiques, etc

Refine my music and art skills.


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