Meeting Everyone!

As you know, I was uber nervous about the plane ride with Daphs from South Carolina to Kansas.
It kept me stressed for days prior to the trip.

All that stressing was for naught, however. Daphne slept through the airport in my sling, all through the first leg of the plane ride, and woke up only for her diaper change halfway through.

On the layover, I went to the ladies room to change her diaper. I reached into my sling to pull her out. Instead of a baby, I pulled out a gooey green sack of potatoes. She had a poop explosion of enormous proportions. You know the green slimer from Ghostbusters? Yea.


I gingerly laid her on the changing table and just stared at the gooey mess. Her onesie and pants were soaked with green goo. I didn’t have time to salvage the onesie or pants, so I just threw them away. I had never been more thankful to have packed an extra set of clothing for her!

The 3 hr plane ride from Charlotte to KC was great. She slept the whole time. Joe and Kat– Sam’s siblings– met us at the airport. We really appreciated them taking the time to drive up there for us!

Daphne has been passed around so much this past week. Everyone loves her. We’ve enjoyed being home! I’ve been so busy toting her around and helping my mom at her shop, I haven’t been able to blog or upload pictures.

I’ve gotta be honest– I’ve been out of sorts the past week since we’ve been home.

For the past 10 months, I have enjoyed blogging about my pregnancy, my symptoms, and any ache and pain I have experienced concerning baby. Since I’ve had Daphne, I have enjoyed documenting her life via facebook and on here. My daily routine would include taking pictures of her, uploading them to my computer and dating them, and writing.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time or energy to do most of those things. Being out of routine unnerves me. I am hoping I’ll make time for pictures and blogging the next week while we are at home.

Daphne has been smiling a lot more lately! She pays a lot of attention to whoever is talking to her. She has cracked a few smiles and I am just so excited for that! She turned 4 weeks old a few days ago and she is filling out. Her newborn onesies are fitting more snug. I just love being with her every day!

A brief update of what’s happened so far this week!


Willa D., Maggie H., Dr. Bachamp, Jennifer and Kyra, Roberta M., and Becky H. stopped in to visit her. People comment on how big and blue her eyes are. She has been so good this week.

I look forward to making gingerbread houses tomorrow. It’s definitely something I love to do.

Christmastime is such a wonderful time. I’ve come to realize how important family is to me.

On another note, I am absolutely loving being a mother. It is one of the greatest things I’ve experienced in my life.

We hope to meet a few more family members and friends this week while we are home. I am so excited to show Daphs off!

Sam has been such a great help to me. He is in love with Daphne and holds her as often as he can. He changes her diapers for me the majority of the time. He picks out her outfits every day. He coos at her and she coos back. I love seeing Sam be a dad.

I hope you have a glorious week!


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