Daph’s Ultrasound, The Hominy Grill, and Realizing I am heartless.




Sam brought in some towels from outside. Inside said towels was this little feller!

Today was Daphne’s ultrasound appointment for the dimple at the base of her spine/top of her booty crack. We got up, got ready, and left the house a little after 10am to make it for the 11am appt.

The ultrasound was to be performed at MUSC downtown, which was a good 30 minute drive away. We pulled into the area and saw multiple medical buildings–as in about 15 of them. They loomed over us like metal giants and laughed as we drove circles around their feet. I didn’t know which one we were supposed to go into!

Sam drove around some more and parked in a parking garage on the 5th level. We shimmied into a spot in a corner and hurriedly walked into one of the buildings, hoping we were in the right place. All we knew was “3rd floor. Room 327.” We must have had that worried lost look on our faces, because a few people asked if we needed help. Boy. There isn’t enough help for the things we need.

We made our way through the hospital labyrinth and made it to the radiology check in desk right at 11am. We filled out some paperwork while the receptionist taking care of us laughed at the plight of the contestants on The Price is Right.

We were then directed to the Pediatric Radiology department. The hallways and waiting room were completely decked out in an Under The Sea theme. I’ve gotta hand it to them–they made me feel like I was a fish.

We waited about 5 minutes and then were taken to an exam room. The ultrasound tech was so helpful. She had us lay Daphs on the table on her belly while she performed the ultrasound. I was watching the screen closely to see if I could make out any sort of abnormalities or things out of place. Everything looked in order and symmetrical.

She then placed a small lead bb attached to a sticker at the base of Daph’s spinal cord for the x-ray. We went to the x-ray room and Sam was able to stay with her holding her in place while I went behind the protective glass wall. After the x-ray, everyone left the room and we waited there discussing dirty diapers and the nature of x-ray protection vests.

After a few minutes, we were taken back to our exam room. Daphs was asleep this whole time save the moments she ripped a few farts and filled her diaper. We all got a chuckle out of that!

The ultrasound tech said that the doctor checked over the scans and didn’t see any abnormalities or disfigurements. She said that Daphs has a healthy spine and that there was nothing to be worried about. YAY! Wheww! We were really relieved to hear that confirmation.

We packed up our bags and once again entered the labyrinth to find the exit.

Note: I never really thought about this before I was pregnant and had Daphs, but it takes an additional 20 minutes just to get ready to go anywhere or do anything. You’ve gotta pack the bag, feed the baby, change her diaper, get her in the carseat, console her from crying about being placed in said carseat, assemble your own purse and gather your wits, and finally place both selves in the car. What an ordeal!

So that was Daph’s appointment. We are so thankful the sacral dimple didn’t turn out to be anything abnormal.

Since it was lunchtime, Sam decided to stop at The Hominy Grill, a little joint we had passed on the way to the appointment.

We parked after crossing a sea of potholes filled with muddy water. We got out of the car and my nose immediately recognized the smell lingering like a green fog over us: Cozy Inn Hamburgers.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Cozy Inn Hamburgers, just know these facts: They are stinky. They are delicious. They are small in size. They are simple. They are stinky.

I did not have high expectations of the Hominy Grill. It isn’t in the best part of town and the building looked a bit shabby.

We marched our fancy selves into the door expecting a grease pit. I half expected to slip on the floor because of all the grease.

Once inside the door, I looked around to see a very nice and clean restaurant with lovely wood floors, bright walls and fresh flowers on each table. We were the ones who were greasy and underdressed.

I enjoyed an overpriced and underwhelming salad while Sam munched on the boiled peanuts, chicken salad sandwich, and potato salad.

After our meal, I felt like Megan from Bridesmaids: “This is some classy Sh***** here!”

It really was quite a nice restaurant! A little pricey, but good. Question: Why must hoity toity salads be over priced and taste like crap? I wasn’t impressed with this salad but ate the whole thing anyway. 9 bucks for this? Gah. Dish my eyes out with a spoon.




Now. Onto other business.

I realized today that I am heartless. Well, maybe not completely heartless, but pretty darn close.

I noticed this a few weeks ago when my mother in law mentioned that we needed to write in Daphne’s baby book. I told her that I don’t have one and didn’t plan on getting one. I realized that I am not very sentimental in that way and that it didn’t bother me that I didn’t have a memory book for Daphs.

Today, there was a mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. I am sad for the parents, the children, the teachers, and every person affected by this. Indeed, this is a tragedy.


I get rather testy when I see every single person on Facebook change their status updates to comment on this tragedy. I get annoyed to see all the halfhearted memorial pictures thrown up in pursuit of being the one ‘most liked,’ ‘most shared,’ or whatever.

Please understand I mean you no harm and no disrespect if you are one of the people who do either of the above. It is not my style to do those things and I figure there are enough other people doing it for me, so why should I add to it?

Perhaps there is something wrong with me. When tragedy strikes, I don’t get sad or grieve immediately. Instead, I get annoyed and upset with the mass amount of coverage on Facebook or the news. Flame away.
Isn’t that what media is there for? To network information of all sorts?

Indeed, tragedy strikes every day. 99% of tragedies do not make it to the news or to your newsfeed. My heart yearns for a movement within our people to do more good, thoughtful, and selfless deeds. Speak up about the good you see! Brag about the smile you gave to a child and the smile that was returned. Brag about a good deed you saw someone else perform. Instill goodness in your children and in strangers.

We can’t always prevent tragedy. It will happen. There is bad in the world. However, we as individuals can prevent a hardening of our hearts  towards kindness and selfless acts. Take the time to write a letter or call someone you’ve had on your mind. Make the most of every opportunity. Make this world a little brighter.

I prefer to focus on the good than the bad.

Does this make me heartless? Not fully. It might make me a tad insensitive. I prefer to keep these type of thoughts out of everyday conversation for fear of being chastised.

Today is a sad day for what happened in Connecticut. Remember that there are small tragedies happening all around you every day. Make it a point to find them and turn them around. After all, we were taught to leave a place in better condition than when we found it.


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