Another Growth Spurt


Yesterday, Daphne turned 3 weeks old! I’ve noticed that when you look to the future, time stretches and expands to the point where it feels as if you are in a stand still. When you think about the past, it feels even more distant. Can you remember what you did two days ago? Three? I can barely believe that three weeks ago, we were at the birth center and in the hospital recovering and being inducted into the community of parents.

I spent a bit of time looking through the past 3 weeks worth of photos of Daphne and the hospital experience. Daphne has grown so much. She has gained weight and filled out. Her hair has grown and her eyes have lightened and widened. She sleeps through the night pretty well. She doesn’t mind her diaper changes. Daphne enjoys spending time alone and in our arms.

I am loving who she is becoming.

She has only had a couple of rough patches. The first one was a few days ago. The second was last night.

After that first growth spurt, I knew what to expect when she started wailing for no reason and was inconsolable. I calmly attended to her needs and didn’t panic. Sam was such a great helper. He rocked her, consoled her, changed her diaper, and replaced her paci multiple times through the evening.

I knew the night would be rough. She slept from about 10 to 1145. I fed her and put her to bed. She woke every 2 hours and was more than happy to be vocal all through the night. I didn’t sleep well.

For whatever reason, my mind was running all night. After every feeding, I’d try to burp her and then I would lay her down. She’d have odd breathing patterns and I’d sit up in bed worried, staring at her. The night continued this way. I tried to think through my worries, I prayed for women in my birth month group, I stared at the wall wondering if I just saw a shadow move. I thought of every scary movie I could think of unintentionally and scared myself even more.

Before I knew it, I was being awoken yet again by another thunderous fart. Yes. My daughter farts. She farts loudly and it really is humorous. So, I fed her and then changed her (I’ve learned my lesson with changing her before I feed her. Feeding her seems to wake her up and get her internal functions moving. I was able to nap for a few minutes before savoring the smell of strong black coffee wafting into the room along with Sam heading towards me to say bye.

I was able to sleep (Read:lay in bed while Daphne spit out her paci and cried and hit me in the face and boobs multiple times) for a few more hours. As the dogs made licking sounds and Daphs flailed around in my bed, I decided it’d be good to feed her and get up.

Today was a first for us. I had my first real spit-up. I often switch from burping Daphne on my shoulder and in my lap leaning over. I was super thankful that I burped her in my lap this morning, as the projectile spitup wouldn’t have gone over well in my hair.

We emerged from the bedroom to welcome a cloudy and rainy day. As I type this, Daphne is finishing up her nap and I am contemplating a cup of coffee: A reheated cup of coffee that will only be half drank before I decide that I don’t want it anymore.

It’s been a long night and morning, but it’s been good. Perhaps I’ll shoot some more photography later to lift my tired eyes.

Only a few more days until we travel back to Kansas. That’ll be an experience, for sure! Traveling via Plane with a 3 week old? Whew. Brave souls. I am excited to show off Daphne to family and friends. We can’t hog her cuteness forever!


2 thoughts on “Another Growth Spurt

    1. I really hope so as well! I certainly don’t want to be THAT mother with a baby on the plane! Hopefully her cuteness will overwhelm all her cries, if she does! Thank you so much!

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