Boxes, baby, and slings!


Thanks to my secret elf (Lucy!) who sent us these awesome gifts for Christmas! There’s Catching Fire, Hans Solo in Carbonite Ice cube tray, and a ball toy for Miss Daphne!


We love receiving gifts…I even got my contacts today! I don’t HAVE to wear my glasses all the time now!


Here is my homemade sling made out of a very long piece of fabric. Image

Sleepy baby!

Today has been a really smooth day in the Weaver house.

Daphne and I snuggled in bed until 10am. She has been eating like a champ today. I still call her  my little Piggy. Such a good eater! When we got out of bed at 10, I changed her diaper and found a poop explosion up her back. Stupid ‘sposies. I much prefer my cloth diapers. Honestly, I’m gonna miss them when we are back in Kansas over Christmas.

With Daphs being such a content and quiet baby, it is easy for me to get chores done around the house. While she sleeps, I am able to get laundry and dishes done and spend a little time online. I decided to try to wear her around the house a bit today while I was doing chores. I couldn’t figure out the new carrier Sam and I bought for the plane ride, so I went online and did some digging.

I found a few tutorials on DIY slings with no sewing or gear. Basically, making a sling out of a bedsheet or a long piece of fabric.

Please forgive the boobage.

Also, this one uses a bedsheet (couldn’t post vid here)

As you can see from the above pictures, it worked really well! I wasn’t happy however with the looseness of the fabric at her head area. I felt as if I constantly had to keep my hand by her head to make sure she didn’t flop her head out.

This was a sturdy method enough for me to feel confident prancing around the house with her and not holding on to her.

I hope to use this a bit in the airport and perhaps while we are back home in Kansas.

In preparation for Kansas, I decided I’d better introduce *the bottle* to her. Cue the dramatic music!

She took to the bottle VERY well. I pumped some milk after one of her feedings today and fed her a few hours later from the bottle. She didn’t have a problem adjusting to the bottle. She also didn’t have a problem adjusting right back to my boob. I think when we are back home, she’ll be just dandy to have a bottle if Sam and I are lucky enough to take an evening out to ourselves.

Speaking of—I miss Daphne when I am away from her. This last weekend, I went to the grocery store alone to get some things while Sam played Battlefield and watched Daphs. I found myself missing them and missing home. I couldn’t get home fast enough. I walked in the door and gave Sam a big ol’ hug and kiss and picked up Daphs to cuddle her. Of course I’ll always be thinking about her wellbeing when I am away from her. It’s just so neat how my perspective and priorities have changed.

I find myself to be more positive and more motivated now that I’ve had Daphne.

As soon as I felt good enough, I started my own workout inside consisting of a lot of body weight exercises (leg lifts, kicks, squats, lunges, etc). I have been eating healthy wholesome foods. Even today, I decided that I felt strong enough and my stomach felt good enough to go on a run.

I only ran a mile and it was a sorry time that I ran it in: 14 minutes. It was definitely a far cry from my pre-pregnancy running times and feelings. I pushed myself and pushed through my being out of breath. I felt confident and good! Initially when I started running, my muscles didn’t appreciate it and I felt a bit off, but I took a few walk breaks and picked it up again as soon as I could. I definitely took it easy and didn’t want to hurt myself or my healing process.

After a nice juicy pomegranate, I decided to chug some water and round out my workout with my indoor routine. I am so happy to be back to working out. Working out makes me feel so good about myself and confident. I want to be happy and positive for Daphs. I want to be someone she can look up to.

So. As we all are cuddled here in the living room, I have to just smile and thank God for blessing us with such a great baby and two awesome dogs who are protective and loving of our baby. I am so thankful for my husband and his personality–how he takes care of us and how he pays attention to me, how he takes care of Daphne and loves to brag about her.

Life is good. Very good. Having Daphs is one of the most happy experiences in my life. I wake excited to talk to her and sing to her. I anticipate her waking from naps so I can feed her. She’s my joy.

Have a wonderful day, dear friend!


3 thoughts on “Boxes, baby, and slings!

  1. I am so happy to hear that you think Daphs is ” such a content and quiet baby.” So many new mothers don’t know what to expect so any fussing, ( like the day you had a couple of days ago) means they have a completely fussy baby! Enjoy!

    1. We really are enjoying her. I know she’ll grow out of the quiet stage, but man–it’s so nice right now. She isn’t impatient or a wailing banshee. We got pretty lucky 🙂 And yea–that is a large baby for a sling. I think at that point, it might be best to let them walk around or toddle around.

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