Drowning Facebook

I enjoy spending time on Facebook uploading pictures and catching up with people. I love it when people upload pictures of events. Pictures are such storytellers.

Never was I a photographer. It took Sam buying me a camera while he was deployed in 2009 for me to start taking pictures for fun. I haven’t stopped since.

I have over 18000 pictures on Facebook uploaded. There are a lot of memories on that site. My motto was always that you could go back to delete pictures if you need but you can’t look at pictures you didn’t bother to take. I go overboard with my photography.

I’ve already uploaded close to 400 pictures of Daphne on Facebook. She isn’t even 2 weeks old.  This brings me to my main point and question: Am I drowning Facebook with my picture updates?

I’ve thought it through a few times and talked to friends and family about this. I’ve stressed about whether my Facebook friends ever get tired or annoyed with me posting so many pictures of my baby. Not even just pictures, but status updates about her as well. I realized a few things—that there are other people–friends and family–who enjoy staying updated through pictures on FB. There are privacy settings that friends or family can change so that they don’t see all my picture updates. That, and since we are so far away from family, FB is my main and preferred method of keeping my family members posted on our mini-human.

What does it matter if I have 18,000 photos posted? I want others to see what I see.

I do not expect to receive comments on all or any of my photography. Sure, it’s nice when the stalkers and lurkers speak up, but it isn’t necessary for my well being or my self image. I post pictures for my own enjoyment. I don’t expect people to love my daughter as much as I do. I don’t expect anyone to see her beauty captured in every photograph or to be as proud as I am of every milestone she passes. I simply hope that people enjoy seeing a precious mini-human and it brightens their day.

There have been times that I have despised FB and thought it pointless to update statuses. Why post what I’ve done that day? Why post what I plan on doing? Should I just google random quotes and update my status that way?

Either way, my Facebook is flooded with photos of my daughter. It will continue to flood and maybe one day it will drown Facebook.

I have considered creating an offshoot photo blog dedicated just to Daphs and every photo I take of her. I don’t feel that I should have to take my updates of her life away from Facebook, but I do like the idea of having a picture blog dedicated to her. Then again, this blog was started for her.

How I’m feeling

Ya know, I’m 11 days out from Daphne’s Birth Day. 11 days from my c-section. Each day gets easier. The pain on the right inner side of my incision has subsided almost fully but now I have a different pain creeping. It is on my right side and towards the front of my belly–almost like digestion issues or gas issues. It sometimes cramps up and hurts.

I struggled with swelling in my feet for a few days this past week and don’t know what to attribute it to except maybe some salty meals I had eaten. I’ve been keeping up with my water like a fiend.

I am down 16 pounds. I weighed in today at 169 and only have 13 more to go to hit where I was when I found out I was pregnant.

My body has changed. My stretch marks are almost completely gone. I can’t believe they drifted away almost immediately after giving birth. I still have an hourglass shape but my belly is a bit rounded due to the stretching and lack of tautness of muscle. I can tell I’ve lost a bit of muscle in my legs but I have slimmed down in my thighs.

Towards the end of pregnancy and even now I have a little bit of acne. It has returned, much to my dismay. I don’t have a whole lot of bleeding and I don’t have any pain or tenderness in the nether regions. I still feel my uterus contracting when I breastfeed. I have no back pain.

Emotionally I feel great. I mean really good. I am thankful for this. Sam has kept me sane and has been a solid rock for me. He helps me around the house, changes Daph’s diapers, and checks on her throughout the night. He tells me how sexy he thinks I am and pulls me close for kisses. I am beginning to feel back to normal again rather than having a person pod attached to my front.

At times I find it hard to stand up as quick as I used to and have to catch myself from bending over when I walk or sit. I need to stretch out my stomach muscles.

For those curious, here are some photos for comparison. The first set was 1 day out of surgery, the next was today (10 days later). Notice the boobage too. I couldn’t believe it when my milk came in. Baby is being fed well, that’s for certain.



The puffiness has gone down but I’m still sore and swollen. Where my incision is (right below the underwear line, about 6-8 inches long) is quite tight and the areas on all sides are puffy. I was told I need to massage it out and I am sure it will feel better once my incision is fully healed.

As I’ve mentioned before, Sam is my rock. He makes me feel so beautiful. Right now, I feel beautiful even though my body isn’t what it used to be. I don’t have my vertical indentations down the front of my belly indicating strong core muscles. I don’t feel my strong abs when I tighten my belly. My calves are out of practice and my legs are not as toned as they used to be. None of this bothers me though. I say it with honesty. I am genuinely enjoying spending time bonding with Daphne and recovering from my surgery. I am ecstatic that we have a healthy baby girl in our arms and that she is a good baby. My body is healthy and I am alive.

I don’t plan on letting myself go, don’t get me wrong! Once I heal fully, I will be back on the saddle again jogging and working out. Sam and I believe in taking care of our bodies so we keep each other excited and happy. That and I know I feel much sexier when I work out and eat right.

My husband loves me. I love him. We love our daughter. All is well in the world.



2 thoughts on “Drowning Facebook

  1. Hi Jenna I love seeing your pictures etc…I have a unique Situation being a person with the disability. Facebook gives me the opportunity to stay connected with family and friends in a way that was not possible before. I get to see things through pictures and videos and statuses things that I would not be able to see because of architectural barriers not everything can be accessible for many different reasons so I get to travel through pictures and videos where other people physically get to go. My point is I respect everyone’s privacy so if you ask me as your friend to change some privacy settings on my Facebook so I didn’t see something you didn’t want me to see I would. It didn’t and I love seeing your pictures in reading your perspective on different things so the far as I’m concerned as long as you are comfortable with what you post and say it is fine with me.

    1. I’m so happy to share with my friends and family and I want to share with those who are far away and can’t be with us physically. I think there are a lot of people who don’t necessarily prefer seeing baby pictures, but that’s on them. I’ve never gotten a negative comment about posting so many pictures but it was definitely on my mind. Thank you for commenting–You’re exactly right. Facebook and internet offers so many opportunities to stay connected that aren’t afforded in real life at times.

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