1 Week Appointment and Nursing.

While pregnant, a lot of friends and family asked if I planned on nursing or using formula with Daffs.  I had been around both sets of new parents who nursed and used bottles and formula. To me, breastfeeding is just so much more convenient. With formula, you have to warm the water, mix it, clean and sterilize the bottles, and work through the rigamaroll of having all the formula and bottles with you wherever you go.

Nursing is convenient. Food is warm and ready to go at a moments notice. No bottles to prepare. No fuss about mixing correct proportions of fluid to powder or having the right amount of fluid. Nursing can be inconvenient for some people, I suppose. I mean come on—who doesn’t want to whip out their boob in a public place to feed a crying baby?

Nursing has been going really well for Daffs and I. She latches on very well and gets the job done with very minimal distraction. She does not spit up.

Aside from the basic function of nursing, I am loving the bonding moments we are creating through it. She looks up at me and I look down at her. We share moments of silence just staring into each other’s eyes. I sing to her each time I nurse. My go to song?

But last night my musical choices for singing were:

1 Week Appointment at the Birth Center

I had been feeling a tight twinging/pinching on my right side by my incision ever since we got home on Thursday. It was so hard for me to sit up in bed even with help from my arms and Sam. Sometimes it would take me a good 30 seconds to just stand up straight. Sam makes sure to take care of me. Anyway— I called Shannon at the Birth Center to talk to her about my pain and she said to call Monday morning for an appointment. I did. They were able to fit me in at 10am.

We got to the birth center and they checked Daphne’s weight. With clothes on, she was 8 pounds 6 ounces. She said they account for about 3 ounces of clothing weight. She may have been back up to birth weight! Her vitals were fantastic, as were mine.

We then went to Shannon’s office and I nursed her while Shannon observed and offered tips and feedback. She said I needed to make sure that her body was pressed up against mine and not facing upwards with her head turned. She also was generally happy with her latch but recommended I make sure that Daphne’s mouth was wide open and then kind of shove her into my boob to make sure she gets a deep latch. She said that should alleviate some of the pinching I feel initially when nursing.

After about 5 minutes, Shannon re-weighed Daffs and saw that she took in 2 ounces. Wonderful! Just the night before I had broken down about not having enough milk for her and being sad that I might not be able to provide for her. Oh the waterworks.

Shannon checked my incision and was impressed with Dr. Martin’s cut and how it was healing. She recommended that after a week or so I start massaging my tummy and incision. She said I’d be bikini ready in no time. HA! We’ll see about that. I will say though that I am so super excited to get active again–jogging and moving around more normally.

I do feel very good. I have a lot to be thankful for.

So that was our 1 week appointment! Laurie stopped in (the woman who labored with us, transported us, and helped Dr. Martin with the surgery).

After our appointment, Ma, Pa, Sam, Daffs and I all went to lunch and then to the ocean! We went to Folly Beach and walked the pier.




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