41 Week Appointment

Just got home from our 41 week appointment. I was really excited for today’s appointment and again so THANKFUL that Sam could join me. It has been amazing to have him with me for every appointment. 

We arrived on time and I did my normal routine. 

Weight Gain: +1 from last week (31 pounds total)

A trace amount of glucose in pee, and normal protein.

I went back to the exam room where Sam was waiting. One of the midwives came in to say hey and to tell me to go ahead and strip, but that she wouldn’t be checking me as she isn’t in call this weekend for deliveries. 

Judy came in and checked my blood pressure and felt around for baby.

Blood pressure was great she said–even for me laying down. 

She described what position baby was in and felt the head, saying she’s in the right position.

She then did an internal and YAY for the results!!

A solid 2 cm dilation.

60% Effaced (The drawing up of the cervical wall and thinning of it)

-1 Station (position baby is resting in the pelvis. Can be from -3 up to +3, +3 meaning fully engaged in the pelvis and low)

Said she could feel little one’s head. YAY! 

I have to admit that this internal was a little more uncomfortable than the previous ones. I have been feeling crampy the past few days and figured that’s probably why–I was tender down there. That and she sure made it a point to get right up inside me.

She then did an ultrasound to check for amniotic fluid levels. I asked her what low fluid levels would mean. She said that low fluid levels would mean issues with kidney function in little one. 

The ultrasound was good. It was REALLY hard to make out anything as she was so big and squished up inside. She again affirmed that little one is in the right position, facing back (good!), and great heart function. 

My fluid levels ranged from 7-14 ( levels from 5-20 are normal), so amniotic fluid levels are great with baby. 

It was really great to have an ultrasound. We got to see her ribs, neck and spine, heart, and a vague profile. I wasn’t too concerned with not seeing much as I hope to see her for REAL soon. We’ll take what we can get.

I then was strapped to the machine that takes the NST (non-stress-test).  Two round readers were placed in separate places on my belly. It measures when belly moves and the heart rate of little one. For the first 10 minutes, it didn’t register—the midwife came in and adjusted the machine and it started reading. Seeing the heart rate go up when she moved was a good thing! She was pretty active the whole time. A few different midwives came in to check on us and all were pleased with the readout. So that was good!

Here I am all hooked up like a lab rat. It was fun with Sam there to keep me company! 


The only other question I had was “What’s next?”

After my NST was done, she came in and told me that I wouldn’t be pregnant by this time next week! YAY! She said that she hopes I go into labor this weekend, but if not, gave me a few other instructions.

She gave me an ingredient list for the ‘labor cocktail’ they use at the end of pregnancies to induce labor. She said to go ahead and mix it up and drink it Monday morning earlyish (7/8am) and then to come in to the birth center a little later for a membrane sweep/strip. She said that usually puts women into labor that afternoon. She said if it doesn’t work on Monday, I should repeat for Tuesday morning. She said at absolute last resort, Wednesday I would need to go to the hospital to talk about induction. She reassured me though, by saying that in their over 850 births, only about 3 have needed to go to the hospital because their methods didn’t work. I am confident they will work on me. 

So. We have a plan! She recommended I take Black Cohosh and continue doing what I’m doing (walking, sex, EPO and RRLT). 

We left the birth center with pretty high spirits. There’s a plan in place, we know what to do if she doesn’t come this weekend, and everything will be just fine. I’m at peace with not getting a membrane sweep today. I trust the midwives and their judgement call on that. 

So here we are! Little one is coming SOON! 



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