Week 41 Stats and Belly


How Far Along:  41.

Baby size and random info: 50% of babies are born over their due date. This could be because of an off-guess on conception date and calculations forward. Baby is producing stress hormones which will help her survive outside of my apparently comfortable tummy.

Symptoms: Been slightly more crampy this week. I generally feel crampy in the evening-time. Still only pee once a night. I pop a tums out of habit after using the bathroom. No signs of mucus plug. I haven’t had much of an appetite lately. It seems that I am destined to live on a diet of greek yogurt, protein drinks, pomegranates, and cheerio’s for the rest of my life. It feels that way, at least. Been a lot more tired too. I have kept up my walking and even picked up the pace to slow jogging intermittently. Not a lot of lower back pain this week.

How I’m feeling: Feeling okay. Just okay. It has been a long week. I wake up feeling sick until I eat something, then I feel a little better for just a little while longer. In general, I just feel off. It’s got to be all the hormones and inner tension. Emotionally, I’m a wreck. I really had my hopes up that she’d come before this point. I guess it’s a little bit of discouragement and frustration. Still, she is still safe and healthy–no signs to indicate otherwise. She will come when she comes. I try to stay positive, but I have started to get agitated with people’s remarks about pushing her out soon, and “why hasn’t she come yet?” along with the other obvious remarks. She’ll come when she does and none of those comments are having a positive effect on me. I know people are trying to be nice, but I’m just in such an emotional state–anything sets me off. I’ll remember how I feel right now and treat other pregnant women in my position accordingly.

Week’s highlights: I made some curtains to replace the hideous vertical plastic slats in our dining area. Sam and I also scored a 12 by 4 ft scrap of carpet that we were able to place in the last two areas of our home with no cover. YAY for protecting the floor. I cleaned the house and Sam built an addition to our coffee table so that it now has a lift top. Little one has been so active at night the past few nights. While hanging out on the couch, I often call Sam over to feel her kick and move. He’s always amazed at how active she is. We also took advantage of free meals for Veterans Day. It was a nice treat. We even went to the outlet center yesterday and walked around for a few hours. I found a new calendar and we both bought a shirt from Converse. I’m excited to wear it.

Boy or Girl? Girly Girl Girl

Cravings: Small appetite. I often shake my head and curl my lip at foods Sam so kindly offers me. I have to keep a bland diet nowadays. However, been craving bread rolls lately. Hot bread. nomnomnom

Worries/Concerns: When will this baby come out?! I hope to calm myself and relax as soon as I can. I’ve been on edge this weekend because I figured she’d come by now. I just want to avoid a c-section. Our appt is on wednesday. Hopefully we hear some good news.

Goals and What I look forward to: I hope to not make it to my appointment. Still taking my RRLT and EPO. I look forward to having little one here and being able to let go of this inhaled breath it seems is looming over me. I look forward to seeing her and choosing a name that is a perfect fit for her. I look forward to feeling better and establishing a routine. I would like to make another pumpkin cheesecake soon.

What I’ll miss about pregnancy: Will miss feeling her kick. I’ll also miss Sam talking to her and making funny comments to her while inside. I’ll miss my small stomach/appetite. I’ll have to keep that in check after she is born.


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