Week 40 Appointment

Today we had our 40 week appointment. 

Felt like the birth center was a bit busy or rushed today. Did my usual weight check/pee check. 

Weight: 186 (total weight gain of 30 pounds, up 1 pound from last week)

Trace amounts of protein in pee.

We were called back to our exam room. Met a midwife I haven’t been seen by before. I asked her directly about procedures for going over the due date. 

She said that usually for first time moms, they go about 41.5 weeks. She also mentioned that if I do indeed go that long, they would like to do a NST (Non-Stress Test— strap monitors to my belly and monitor heart beat), an ultrasound, and check my fluid levels. She said they also have a ‘labor cocktail’ they can give me to help induce labor at that late in the game. She said there’s no medical reason to push her out now, everything looks fine, and it shouldn’t change. She was happy that I had a great start with dilation and softening up–according to my chart from the previous two weeks.

She then asked if I wanted to be checked. I said yep. 

She took my blood pressure, felt my tummy for baby and took a heart rate reading. She said that she’s a very happy sounding baby and that she thinks it’ll be around 7.5 pounds.

Blood pressure: 110/70

Heart Rate: 140s

Fundal Height: Measuring at 38.

I HIGHLY recommend going pee before an internal. I had to pee SO bad and hoped I wouldn’t pee on her. 

She said that my cervix is definitely soft, but no dilation change: Still ‘long’ in the cervix. She asked if I had been taking the Evening Primrose vaginally and I affirmed. She then said “There’s plenty of room in there,” which I suppose is a good thing seeing that I’ll have to push out baby soon! 

So… not a lot of change from last week. Got to admit I’m slightly bummed. However, things could change quickly. You never know what the day will bring! 

I feel that I am a little dejected by the idea of going to 42 weeks only because I don’t want to have to look into surgery as an option. We’ll keep our heads up and I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Little one is as happy as a clam. We wanna meet her though!! 


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