Week 40 Stats

How Far Along:  40. FORTY. Bun in the oven, come out! I don’t like burnt bread!

Baby size and random info: My tummy is all baby. Her movements make her booty and legs protrude out. She’s taken a liking to hanging out by my ribs which leaves me a little sore. Baby’s skull bones aren’t fused so that they can overlap when she is being born. She can maintain body temperature and the placenta is still giving important antibodies to baby.

Symptoms: I get quite lightheaded and dizzy at evening time. Couldn’t be all that extra work my heart is doing?! It is easier to breathe nowadays and my heartburn has subsided. When I walk or do strenuous activity, I feel a bit of lightning shoot upwards in my nether regions. I don’t feel a whole lot of pressure from baby pushing down. I still tire out easily. I keep up with my water and definitely can tell a difference if I don’t stay hydrated. My lower back was bothering me so much earlier this past week but after I spent a few nights laying on the heat pad, it got better. Haven’t had lower back problems since.

How I’m feeling: Surprisingly I’m feeling really well. I know a lot of women are TOTALLY DONE at this point in pregnancy but I’m hanging in there just fine. A receptionist at one of Sam’s doctor’s offices commented in astonishment at how I was still smiling this late in the game. I feel okay! Had a breakdown this week to Sam about whether or not I could handle childbirth and got pretty emotional. He instilled confidence in me and all was well. I feel really thankful for Sam. He checks on me often and is quick to retrieve anything I desire (usually my nightly hot tea, a lower back rub, etc. Feeling excited/anxious. Some days more than others I get excited and confident about childbirth, and other times I had wisps of nervousness. It’ll all be wonderful in the end, however.

Week’s highlights: Sam’s ALS graduation was this week. He’s now a Staff Sergeant. It was a good evening–good to get out and about. Sam had friday off due to his graduation. We spent it together and it was divine to have an extra day with him. Sam got out and mowed and he still is willing to walk around the yard with me. He throws his tomahawk around and I enjoy watching. I thought I began losing my mucus plug yesterday but haven’t noticed any since. That’s not even a clear sign that labor is imminent, however. I decided to go back to blue hair. Sam was such a sweetheart and helped me dye it.

Boy or Girl? Girl, but we’ll let you know for sure when she gets here 🙂

Cravings: I’ve enjoyed a little eggnog this week and had a craving for fish sticks. Still craving some taco bell. My appetite is still quite small.

Worries/Concerns: Small concerns include having to call Sam to come home if I go into labor during the day while he is gone and concerns about whether things will go smoothly during birth. I have remained in good shape and pretty healthy throughout the pregnancy, so I am hoping those will serve me well. I hope to have everything prepared and not needing anything after she is born.

Goals and What I look forward to: I hope to be feeling better soon. It’s not that I feel HORRIBLE all the time, but I generally just feel like I exist out of my own body and have a sickly feeling inside. Maybe it’s just me being drained. I hope to have little one this week! I’m still taking my RRLT capsules and evening primrose/sexy time with the hubby, and I keep up on my walking. I hope all of those will help bring her along. Look forward to our appointment on Wednesday. Yes—another internal. I like to see how much I progress. I will be making a dessert for a party at Sam’s work tomorrow. I think I’ll make a key lime pie or maybe just some cupcakes. I don’t know.

What I’ll miss about pregnancy: I will miss having little one safe and secure in my tummy. I will most likely miss the sleep and quiet of pregnancy. I won’t miss the nauseated feeling or the slow walking/feet pain. We’re ready for her to be here!



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