Week 39 Appointment

I was absolutely stoked for today’s baby appointment. I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil religiously the past few weeks and was hoping to hear of progress. Last week was the first week I was checked internally, so this week would show if I have made any progress.

Seriously…who gets excited for an internal exam? This girl.

We met with a different midwife than we had ever seen before, Judy. She was very nice and calming to talk to. She asked if I had noticed any changes or signs and I mentioned feeling a little bit more movement down in my pelvis and I could breathe easier.

She took my vitals next and talked about baby names.

BP: 120/80

Weight: 185 (up 2 from last week, Total Weight Gain of 29 pounds)

Baby’s heart rate: 150s

Fundal Height: 37

As Judy measured my fundal height with the tape measure, little one was sticking out her back and butt, so she had to re-measure after a few seconds.

As she was feeling baby’s location and feeling around my tummy, I felt a little bit of soreness. I think it was from the increase in braxton hicks contractions I’ve felt all this week.

She had me pop up to do the internal. She said I was 1-2 cm dilated (little increase in dilation from last week’s 1cm) and that I was still a little tough, but softening up. No word on effacement or station. However, she did say she could feel baby’s head and chuckled a little after. That’s good! That means little one is moving down into the pelvis more! Last week, Jennifer didn’t say she could feel the head, so little one is on the move. Awesome!

My next appointment is on Wednesday of next week, my DUE DATE!

Was I discouraged about not making much progress in my nether regions? Not really.

I am happy little one is moving down into my pelvis. I am happy I’m experiencing more braxton hicks–they are preparing me for real labor. Even though taking the EPO vaginally hasn’t proven to thin me out quickly, who knows what other benefits it could be sowing–like making my canal and perineum a bit more stretchy and soft for labor (hopefully so I won’t tear).

I told Sam that I have a feeling I’m gonna have this baby before Sunday night. I told him that after feeling her head movement and all the lower back pain I’ve been experiencing.

So there you have it! A little bit of progress from last week, but it seems like little one is happy as a clam inside my tummy for a little while longer!

Here I am ready for Sam’s Graduation!



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