Week 39 Stats

How Far Along:  39-Oh-My-Gracious-Almost-Done.

Baby size and random info: Wow. Can I just stop and say HOLY MOLY!? Little one takes up all of my belly. There’s really no room for anything else–intestines be darned and comfort be shamed. Little one is fully comfortable taking up all the extra space in my belly. Her brain is still developing so much right now. Her pink skin is turning white and she’s settling deep in the pelvis for birth.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks Contractions: I’ve noticed a rise in their frequency but still no pain attached to them. Last evening and all through last night I felt what seemed to be period cramping. Been experiencing a little of it today as well. Nothing measurable. Noticed a bit of lower back pain recently (just this past week). Still experiencing a bit of hip/leg tension as I sleep. I have to change positions a lot but find if I sleep half on my side and half on my stomach leaning into a pillow, it helps. Little one is most active after about 9pm and doesn’t usually wake up until after about 9am. She has moved to a center position in my belly (good!) as opposed to her booty being side swiped on my right side with her legs kicking out to the left. This is more favorable for birth, my midwife says.

Still taking the Evening Primrose Oil orally and vaginally. Red Raspberry Leaf Capsules orally as well.

How I’m feeling: I’m feeling alright. Still experiencing a bit of appetite loss. Chugging water and jasmine tea like a fiend. Still a bit emotional. I went off on Sam today about not feeling sexy and cried in my room for a bit. Sometimes things just get to you when you’re pregnant. I have a hard time bending down to pick up something off of the ground and feel like I waddle a bit more. I feel excited for little one to be here. Overall, I feel like I am in a waiting game for her to arrive. I usually wake up feeling icky and frumpy—so it helps to jump in the shower, do a little make-up and choose a project for the day to accomplish. Been walking a lot more as well. I try to do at least a mile or two daily.

Week’s highlights: I had a blast with Sam this weekend singing around the fire pit. I had my guitar and we both sang about the cherry turnover/pie that we made in the fire. Sam cut down a tree while I did my laps around our walking trail and we rode the lawnmower around the yard and track to reach the tree he chopped down to lug it back to our shed to dry out. Truly it was a blast. I finished a t-shirt quilt this week. Baby’s room is basically finished. We are just waiting on her. We also narrowed down our name list and have a small list of names we’ll take to the birth center with us. I also re-packed our birth center bag and separated the stuff into two different bags: before baby arrives and after baby arrives.

Boy or Girl? A girl, as far as we know!

Cravings: I did crave Chinese food on Friday night and we went out to a hole in the wall take-out place down the street. SERIOUSLY some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. Very delicious and reasonably priced. Who knew?! I had the lo-mein and an eggroll (nomnom!).

Worries/Concerns: I pray daily that little one is healthy and that the birth goes well for all of us. I hope to have a med-free birth and want to do everything in my power to make that happen. I hope to hear good news at our appointment this week about me softening up more and dilating. I think I’ll be put out if I find out I haven’t changed from 1 cm and ‘getting soft’ from last week. I also need to do some research on postpartum care for myself. I feel that I am prepared but want to double check my stockpiles of goods and tools I’ll need after she comes.

Goals and What I look forward to: I hope to be more positive this week. I feel that I just get in a rut of not feeling well and it just seeps into my attitude. It is a challenge to stay upbeat and positive when your body isn’t feeling right, but it really needs to happen. I look forward to sending off the t-shirt quilt. I am hoping little one comes this week! Sam’s parents are hoping to travel here to visit us soon and it’d be nice to have little one here when they are here. A small goal I have is to wash my husky. He could use a sparkle. He’s good in the bathtub but I fear my person-pod will get in the way of getting him clean.

What I’ll miss about pregnancy: It’s not that I’ll miss it, but I’m excited for the attention to be off of me and onto baby. I walk into a grocery store and the checkout ladies (and every grown woman in line beside or behind me) feel the need to ask how far along I am, and ooh and ahh over the fact that I’m having a baby girl. I’m excited for that attention to be directed to little one.

We played fetch in the backyard tonight. Evidence:



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