Projects and Cramping.

I finished another t-shirt quilt today.


The t-shirt quilt. It’s not due for another month, but I just couldn’t bear to see the shirts lying around and I really enjoy making these! They absorb a lot of my perfectionist tendencies.

Here are the curtains I made (bought the fabric at Hancock at $2 a yard and bought 6 yards for all the windows in the nursery. I’m pretty darn proud that I only spent $12 on curtains for 3 windows. YES!


I think everyone loves to receive a box or a letter in the mail. It’s a daily joy of mine to check the mail and I get uncommonly excited when there’s a knock on the door from FedEx or the Post Office. Today I heard a knock and it was UPS dropping off a box from my mom. She made a bassinet cover for little one’s temporary bed!


Today was a good day for projects. Tomorrow I have more curtains to make for the living room.

I’m honestly surprised I had the energy to carry out all these projects today. I had a horrible night last night. I decided to start inserting the Evening Primrose Oil vaginally as directed by my Midwife. I took 2 pills, 2000mg.

Sam and I settled in for sleeping on the couches. I turned the fan on me for a fresh breeze and we went to bed.

I couldn’t get comfortable and I woke constantly to my own paranoia of sounds, clicks, whistles, and bad dreams. I also was constantly tossing due to pretty bad cramping. the night before last I had mild cramping but very small and nothing hugely painful. Last night, however, they were uncomfortable enough to wake me and keep me tossing.

The whole point of taking the Primrose Oil vaginally is to soften the cervix/ripen it, leading to more effective dilation. It also is said to help relax and soften the tissues of the vaginal walls and opening to prevent tearing and encourage smooth stretching during birth. I did a little bit of research on other women who said they got cramps after taking the oil and realized I wasn’t alone. This cramping could easily be softening/thinning of the cervix and encouraging dilation and contractions (not to say that taking EPO vaginally will cause labor to happen).

So, I will continue my regime of Evening Primrose Oil capsules orally and vaginally. I also will continue to take my red raspberry leaf capsules daily. Many women swear by the red raspberry leaf in that taking it truly helped strengthen the uterine muscles, leading to shorter and more effective labor contractions and shorter delivery/pushing time.

I tell ya, pregnancy sure brings about new feelings, emotions, and experiences I never thought I’d have before!

We are also taking bets on when little one will be born. I honestly hope for this Sunday, the 28th. a lot of people in my family have a 28th birthday. It’d be neat if that tradition continued naturally. At any rate, little one will come when she is good and ready.


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