38 Week Baby Appointment

ImageOur wonderful pup has to wear the cone of shame. Doesn’t she look so graceful and regal? She had staples in her thigh from playing with another pup.

She’s doing good!

So is baby.

We had our 38 week appointment today. We were running a bit late because of traffic. Gah! So frustrating.

We arrived and I did the usual routine (pee on a stick and weigh myself).

I lost 2 pounds since last week, making me weigh in at 183 and total weight gain of 27 pounds this pregnancy.

We then started watching a movie about labor positions. Our midwife came in to check me out, take blood pressure and what not.

Weight: 183 (down 2 pounds from last week)

BP: 90/60

Baby’s heart rate: 150ish

Fundal height: 36

My midwife asked if I had been doing any labor prep or had any questions. I told her I’ve been taking the Evening Primrose Oil and Raspberry Leaf Tea Capsules in addition to bouncing on my stability ball all the time.

We had a few questions about pictures and if they’d take some for us in labor/delivery. She said they are happy to and we just need to remind whoever is there what we’d like shot. She said they also take their own pictures (with our permission) to put up on the virtual nursery on their website.

I mentioned that last night I had felt quite a few dull cramp pains throughout the night. They mimicked the feeling of period cramps but came and went with ease and as I said were dull and not as sharp. My midwife replied “Good!” when I told her of these pains. She said that it means that my uterus is toning up and prepping for labor. That’s encouraging.

She then told us about the continuing problem of getting a hold of my glucose blood results. She asked if they could draw a bit of blood today to run through some sort of blood sugar test for the past 3 months history. She also mentioned that I could be checked internally this week if we’d like. Last week, we had a different midwife attend to us, and so we reminded our midwife today that I’d like to be checked.

We transferred rooms to an exam room. I have to tell ya, I was honestly nervous for the past week about this internal check. I had heard from girls in my birth forum and facebook group that the internal check was SO painful and that some women even bled after. I have no idea what they were talking about! This check that she did was the easiest one I’ve ever experienced. No pressure, no pain, and no arm halfway up to my throat.

Results? She said I am 1 cm dilated and softening/ripening nicely, that I was squishy. She also mentioned that baby is slightly in a posterior position which means a little more discomfort/back labor during labor and birth. She said that I should check out spinningbabies online but that she didn’t think it’d take much for her to turn back to where she should be for optimal birth position.

My midwife also mentioned that my little one is a good size for me, that she estimates a baby between 7 and 7.5 pounds.

So, overall, today’s appointment was really good. I’m glad I asked to be checked. It’s good to know that I am at least opening up for birth and I hope this upcoming week will prove even more helpful for opening and ripening.

Little one has been so active today. Here’s hoping for more progression this week!


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