Week 38 Stats and Belly




How Far Along:  38! Holy moly.

Baby size and random info: Baby continues to add fat and is finishing developing the brain and nervous system. Baby is producing surfactant–a substance that prevents little one’s air sacs in the lungs from sticking as she takes breath outside my tummy. She supposedly weighs in around 7 pounds and is about 20 inches long! Almost here!  

Symptoms: Heartburn isn’t as prevalent. I have been able to sleep in bed as opposed to sitting up on the couch. This entire week, I haven’t been feeling right. Something is off. No foods taste good, I force myself to eat, but at least I’m staying plenty hydrated. Been really emotional as well. Braxton hicks contractions have been going on as normal. I’ve been going on a lot of walks lately and have noticed I don’t hurt as bad as I used to afterwards. Little love has been so active. I’ve been trying to catch her on video lately. I notice a bit more hip pain as I sleep and sometimes when I walk. Must be my hips gettin’ ready for little one to come. 

I’ve been taking 1000mg of evening primrose oil daily as well as red raspberry leaf capsules. I hope these will help me out during labor and after! 

How I’m feeling: Holy emotional roller coaster, batman. As I’ve said, I’ve been feeling so off lately and especially with my emotions. Yesterday was such a rough day for me. Everyone and everything was making me upset. I got mad at the littlest things and then would cry. After a bit, I’d laugh like there was no tomorrow and then be back to being tee’d off at the world. Yesterday evening I was bouncing on my ball and I had the urge to pee. Little one has been pressing so hard on my bladder the past week or two and I frequent the bathroom a lot it seems! I was standing up and tripped on my stability ball, knocked my toe on my hand weights on the floor, and stumbled over myself before catching myself. I then felt such a searing concentrated pain in my lower abdomen as I tried to walk towards the bathroom. I’ve never felt any pain like that before. I suppose I twisted my torso or pulled a muscle in my tummy? Either way, it set the mood for the next few hours, as I was sure grumpy and impatient. As I’ve said before, I try to look at these experiences with a positive twist so I can stay positive about pain later on.

Week’s highlights: The appointment went well last week. We had a good time this weekend having some friends over for our fire. Sam and I got to spend a little time together this weekend, which was nice. We also cleaned up the house and we found some fabric I’ll use to make curtains once we buy a rod. In more exciting news, Pax got nipped by a friend’s dog and we had to take her in to get stapled up on Saturday. She’s handling it very well—she’s a little drugged out and still hates the cone of shame, although it’s so funny for us. I’ve been making belly movement videos to catch her big movements!  Had a dream last night that I had twins and fell in love with them immediately—a girl and a boy. I can’t imagine the love I’ll have for our baby. 

Boy or Girl? Girls still! 

Cravings: No cravings.

Worries/Concerns: There’s only a few more weeks left! One way or another she’ll come out soon. As I’ve said before, I’m enthusiastic about meeting her and am still trying to calm my heart and mind about the pain. I know I’ll need Sam to lean on for support and encouragement. I hope to make the transition back to single life easily–no person pod attached. I imagine I’ll be off balance for a while and feel a bit wonky as my innards go back to normal. 

Goals and What I look forward to: I look forward to bringing little one home. I hope to keep a positive mind when things get tough! This week, I want to finish a new t-shirt quilt and make my curtains. I also hope to mow and maybe even wash the pups. I had a dream a while back that I had our baby on the 24th (which is 2 days from now). My mom and a few other people are betting on the 28th, as the majority of my side of the family is born on the 28th of any given month. Whew! 

What I’ll miss about pregnancy: As before, I’ll miss her movement. I’ll also miss knowing she’s safe and sound inside. I will miss the confidence having a belly full of baby has given me. I notice I seem to be a bit more social and open when it comes to interacting with people as I’m not focused on myself or my body, but just enjoying myself. Being pregnant has forced me to face some of my inner demons and I am grateful for it. 


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