Feeling Wonky, The Baby Lizard, and Working on the Nursery.

I think I’ve mentioned to you that I haven’t been feeling quite right the past few days. I have felt a little emotional and down, and a lot of grumbling in my tummy.

I’m 37 weeks and 3 days along. I’ve noticed some twinging/tinging pains in my lower abdomen where I assume little one’s head and arms are. In fact, I even was awoken last night by some consistent pains in my lower tummy which I thought could be contractions. They went away after a few minutes though, so no contractions there. They felt like menstrual cramps concentrated in a small area.

I have to admit that I got a little excited when I started to feel pain. Yes… excited for pain! BRING IT ON! That means little one is coming and I choose to view it as that rather than as “Oh-My-LORD-This-Is-Excruciating-Pain.”

So, through not feeling very good the past few days, I’ve felt the need to clean up the house and keep things in order. Sam was kind enough to clean out the bedroom and I set up the bassinet that little one will be housing in for the first few weeks next to our bed.

I painted a bit yesterday to finish the bathroom. It’s AMAZING what a new coat of paint will do for a room! It brightens it up and makes it feel so…so….fresh!

Here’s the bathroom and some recent pictures of the nursery decorations I made yesterday.


I know you can’t tell, but that’s fresh white paint on the walls! The picture is one I inked up in high school and the magnolia flower is one of a set I bought at Arhaus in Colorado.


I have a lot of old sheet music. What better way to use them then to grab glue and make a collage for some cheap art?!


Here are the baskets hanging. One for toys, one for blankets and wraps, one for dirty clothes, and the other will be for baby clothes once I lose my will to fold all those little onesies back into the drawer.


For cheap and cute decoration, I cut off some fig branches and cleaned them, and hung them from the wall with some fishing line and nails. I then strung up a few feathers and hung them from the branches. I kinda like the way they turned out.


The crib with another sheet music art collage above it. The sheet music has a ‘mother’ theme, as does the other one I did.


When Sam saw this collage he freaked out. He said “That guy is so creepy…it’s like he’s staring at me when I’m not looking and then when I look at him he turns his head. I don’t like it.” Whoops!


My nice folded baby clothes drawer.


Cloth diapers ready for use!

So there we have a freshly painted bathroom and the nursery continues to come together.

While I was painting said bathroom yesterday, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and it wasn’t a dog.

I looked down and saw a baby lizard slowly walking across my bathroom floor!

I gingerly got down from the ladder and tiptoed around it trying to find a bottle or cup or something to put it in. I knew if I made a stink about it, the dogs would come and that little dude would scurry off like there’s no tomorrow.

I ended up on all fours chasing him to the kitchen where I was able to pin him under the dog bowl. I slipped a piece of paper under the bowl and was able to encourage the little dude into a big glass container I had. I then took a few pictures and set him free!


He wasn’t too fast for a lizard. He hipped and hopped about, but by george, I got him!

So there we have my excitement from the past few days. I must admit that I’m getting so excited to have little one here. Sam went for a run (3 miles) and I went for a walk last night (2 miles) and all the while I was contemplating the arrival f our little one. Can it really be only a few more weeks ’til my ‘due date?’ Time has gone by so quickly. I never thought it would.

Projects for today:

 – Clear the counter tops and tidy up the house for a fire party we’re having tonight.

 – Bake something yummy for the guests

 – Enjoy time with Sam!


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