Week 37 Appointment, RRL and EPO

I woke up to a cold room– one of my favorite things. The covers were so cozy but I knew I had to get up and start the day. I woke up feeling a bit sickly, as per the past few days. I don’t know what’s up.

After a few hours of wandering the house and getting few tasks accomplished, I headed out the door to pick up Sam for his hand appointment.

The doctors were very nice but brief. They said that Sam had a small deformity in his pinky bone now due to the two breaks within a year. 

A nurse came in to deliver the pliers and one of those blue absorbent mats to put on the table for removal of the pins. Sam was a champ, only gritting his teeth a little for the removal of the pins! What a manly man.

Next, we headed over to the Birth Center. I weighed in (gained 1 pound since last week, total weight gain this pregnancy of 29 pounds).

My urine tests for protein and glucose were negative.

We then went to the exam room and were given a movie to watch about postpartum care.

Lesley came in to check me after a few minutes.

Blood pressure:  108/60

Fundal Height: 36

Heart rate was low 140s.

She said that my baby wasn’t too big, which is good. She also said she is nestling down in the pelvis but still not all the way down.

She discussed different indicators and instructions for labor procedures. She said that the baby dropping and losing the mucus plug are both general indicators of labor, not a deadset timeline, as opposed to water breaking. 

She said that concerning contractions, I should call the birth center only when contractions are below 5 minutes apart and lasting about a minute long for at least 2 hours. She said that if I am comfortable laboring at home, there is no reason to go to the birth center just yet and I will reach a point when I know it is time to go. 

I mentioned how I had been feeling a little bit wonky the past few days and she said that women with morning sickness tend to get it back towards the end. Greeeeeaat. JUST what I didn’t want to hear! 

So, everything is looking great and on track. She also mentioned that she can start internal exams this week if I wanted to check the cervix/dilation. I didn’t really feel like getting poked today, so I opted to have it done next week. It would be nice to have a basic starting point for dilation and what not. She said they use the information to make general guesses about length and intensity of labor. If I am at 5 cm at 38 weeks, I may need to come in sooner than if I am at 1 cm at that same time.

Today was actually the first day that I didn’t check out a book or two from the lending library. I feel confident in the information I’ve retained and I am excited. 

So there we have it. I am so amazed that we are 37 weeks along. I feel prepared. It’s a good thing! 


I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil for the past week and we bought some Red Raspberry Leaf capsules today for me to start taking. 

Evening Primrose Oil is to be taken orally and also inserted up inside me to help soften up my insides. Red Raspberry Leaf (Tea or capsule form) is meant to tone and strengthen the uterine muscles to help the uterus work more efficiently during contractions and the pushing stage of labor.

I don’t know for absolute sure if either of these really help with labor and birth, but the way I figure it–they can’t hurt. I’ll continue to take them and I’ll let you know how they worked for me. 

If you have any experience or articles regarding either, I’d love to hear it! 

Time to settle in for the night and relax. 


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