Week 37 Stats and belly




How Far Along:  Here we are. 37 weeks. My gracious, can it really be? I mean…sheesh. I feel like we just found out we were pregnant…

Baby size and random info: Little Love is considered full term by now. She weighs in just over 6 pounds and is about 19 inches long. She could have a full head of hair or just peach fuzz! Her lungs should be fully developed and she is making the descent into my pelvis to make her entrance. 

Symptoms: For the past few nights, little one has decided to stretch upwards into my chest cavity, putting pressure on my stomach and lungs. DEFINITELY not comfortable. She still moves and kicks so much! I feel sharper angles of her legs/booty as she moves around. It’s so trippy! I try to identify what body part it is and only come away with ‘part of her.’ It’s kinda hard to tell! Haven’t had much swelling this week, which is a nice change. I find myself waking up throughout the night just to wake up. I still only pee once a night if at all. I feel hungry late into the night but avoid eating to avoid heartburn. No clogged pipes! YAY! Seriously one of the biggest joys in my pregnant life right now. Haven’t noticed any change in mucus/water breaking (I’m pretty darn sure I’d know…). No change in activity beneath my bra. I am hoping nursing will go smoothly for us. This week I’ve actually lost a little bit of weight. I haven’t changed my diet but have been walking a bit more. 

How I’m feeling: I can’t bend over anymore. It took me three tries of bending over to reach a shirt that fell on the floor. You never know what you’ve taken for granted until you’ve lost it. I definitely tire out easy still. Sleep is evasive. I am still feeling positive about the whole birth process. I generally feel emotional but am able to keep it in check. I have my ups and downs. I’m feeling excited and nervous about bringing a baby home. How will the dogs react? Will we adjust easily? 

Week’s highlights: I finished the firepit with bricks! We invested in some wicker baskets for the nursery and Sam hung them on the wall for storage. Although not a really warm and fuzzy highlight, this week was the first week I experienced genuine pain due to baby. I did a lot of walking which always puts my mind and body at ease. I recieved a few more quilting commissions! I also discovered a tv show I like from Netflix: Drop Dead Diva. It is clean and funny. I am LOVING the cool weather here. Sam and I got a chuckle out of people complaining that ‘winter is coming’ and that stores are selling snow shovels. Really? Snow Shovels? Come on… it gets down to like 40 here….that’s WARM! 

Boy or Girl? Girl! 

Cravings: Still nothin’. However…if anyone feels compelled to give me a nice cool key lime pie, I wouldn’t decline it.

Worries/Concerns: I can’t say I’m fully prepared for labor and delivery. Who is? Even if you’ve had experience with it, it could change on a moment’s notice. I feel like I’ve gathered all the information I can but now it comes down to putting it into practice. I envision myself having a smooth and calm labor, one that goes quickly and safely. I think this is key for any success in life, no matter the application. Sam and I want to be back in Kansas for the holidays this year. I admit that I’m a little nervous about the ‘how’ of getting to Kansas. Flying with a 6 week old crying baby? Driving 24 hours? I don’t know. I wouldn’t call it a concern or worry, but I hope this discomfort when I lay down to sleep goes away. I imagine it won’t, as she’s growing so big and needs room to stretch out. I also must admit that Mondays (Today) aren’t my official change-over day to the next week of pregnancy. Wednesdays are. Therefore, I’m really relieved that in less than 48 hours, the looming fear of having to give birth pre-37 weeks at the hospital instead of the birth center will go away. 

Goals and What I look forward to: I hope to be able to continue walking up until labor and delivery. I’ve got a few more t-shirt quilts in the wings. I look forward to having our baby in our life. I also look forward to having my body back sans pregnancy symptoms. I am excited to eat what I want again (though I imagine it will take me a while to want to eat that stuff for fear of what it’ll do to my system). I look forward to introducing little one to our family. On long term scales, I look forward to holidays with family, making our own traditions, teaching little one everything I know, and seeing the person she is born to be.

What I’ll miss about pregnancy: I’ll miss her movement and kicking. I will miss the kind strangers inquiring about little one and offering nice advice. 


3 thoughts on “Week 37 Stats and belly

  1. Two quick words from my experience.
    #1 – I never leaked prior to giving birth, and I’ve never had trouble producing, so don’t let it worry you. Fenugreek definitely helps with production for me, if you do end up having any issues. You never know, though; you might be an over-producer… 😉 I wish I was; I’d love to donate. But I don’t have the discipline to pump and pump and pump to get enough for mine AND someone else’s.
    #2 – Don’t necessarily think that you’re going to instantly have your body back, either in how you look (obviously) or what you can do. It took a while for my heartburn issues to finally fade into the background, even though I’d heard they disappeared the instant ladies give birth. Occasionally tomato and chocolate still cause issues; thankfully I’ve still got Tums around. 🙂 And physically I was surprised that a) healing was so rough after only vaginal birth. I expected to bounce right back since I didn’t have a c-section; boy was I wrong! I hurt more than I expected, both muscles (all that pushing wore my abs out completely) and “down there”. My stitches healed nicely, but vaginally it was just sore and out of sorts for a long time, and rectally even longer! AND b) how long it took me to be able to do certain things… it’s like months before you can/should do crunches again. It takes a long time for your muscles to find their way back to the middle of your body after being stretched to the sides to make room for your uterus. ALL THIS TO SAY, don’t be disappointed if you can’t immediately get up and go… I think it’s your body’s way of making sure you spend some time sitting around oohing and aahing and bonding with that little angel. Try to enjoy it and know that you’ll get back to your old life eventually.

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