Week 36 Stats and belly




How Far Along:  36 Weeks  

Baby size and random info: Little love is head down, weighing in over 6 pounds and measuring more than 18.5 inches long. She is shedding the downlike hair all over her body. She continues to grow and gain weight! 

Symptoms: Total weight gain this pregnancy is 28 pounds. I didn’t gain any weight the past 2 weeks. Swelling hasn’t been as evident lately. I have made it a point to get daily exercise via walking (did a few 2 mile days this week!) or doing dumbbell workouts. My heartburn has subsided. It doesn’t wake me up in the night anymore. For good measure though, I take a tums when I wake up to go pee mid-night.Sleeping is generally uncomfortable. I get odd hip pains and often toss and turn. I don’t sleep on my back anymore. I feel a lot of movement and braxton hick contractions. I also feel stretching and tensing of ligaments below my belly and to the sides inside my hips. It’s all in prep for little one! I tend to get spacy/dizzy/tired easily now. I make sure to always have water on hand and some sort of snack or protein. Still struggling with constipation (oh the beauty). Noticed a bit of swelling in my lady bits. It’s all the extra blood! 

How I’m feeling: Feeling okay. I tucker out easily. Feeling excited and positive about the birth. Sam and I both are getting excited, realizing that little love will be here in a month! Holy moly. Sam offered good advice, saying to remember to stay positive and that the pain will pass even if it gets bad. That’s exactly the mindset I have to have—that ‘this too shall pass’ and every bit of pain and contractions that come will bring us closer to having little one in the world—that it is important for me to stay calm and relaxed to work with my body, not against it. I am feeling happy that I’ve been able to keep up walking. I notice I sometimes get irritable with very little effort. Gotta keep that in check!  

Week’s highlights: Baby appointment was today. That’s awesome! IT was a 3 day weekend, so it was nice to have Sam home with me all weekend. Sam mowed the yard for me! I really enjoyed going on my 2 mile walks this past week. Sam was awesome and helped sort through boxes in the bedroom and finish setting up the dresser and mirror… All these small projects that need to get done before baby arrives! I also finished my baby clothes quilt and another quilt for a friend who is getting married. I am so happy I finished both of them. I got the birth bag packed for the birth center, full of gatorade, essentials for labor, snacks, a change of clothes, and pads big enough to absorb Lake Erie. I noticed as I was playing piano and singing earlier this week that she kicks more when I play and sing. It’s kinda cool to see the connection.

Boy or Girl? Little girl!

Cravings: No crazy cravings! I’m beginning to think that the whole ‘crazy craving’ thing is all a load of bahooky. I’ve really enjoyed eating protein packed greek yogurt, cereal, and my usual daily dose of peaches. 

Worries/Concerns: Not a whole lot of worry or concern right now. I am just mentally preparing myself for labor and birth. I was thinking about how we won’t have anyone here from Colorado to come visit or be introduced to little one shortly after birth. None of our family. It isn’t that we need that kind of thing, but it would have been nice. We will manage. I’m sure I’m missing some baby essentials, but we’ll learn as we go. 

Goals and What I look forward to: I look forward to receiving my next t-shirt quilt project in the mail. I look forward to weekly appointments at the birth center from now on. We look forward to having little one here with us. I definitely look forward to feeling better and being done with pregnancy. It isn’t that I’ve had a bad pregnancy or that I was unhappy during it, rather that I am ready for normalcy again. I look forward to wearing tennis shoes and have them actually fit and not let my feet swell inside of them. 

What I’ll miss about pregnancy: Feeling little one kick all the time. Having a smaller stomach/appetite. Knowing little one is protected and safe inside me–in a situation I can control.



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