Two Baby Appointments V.36



Our 36 week appointment was today! 

We arrived and I had to do my group B strep test (swab the lady bits and surrounding area for a naturally occurring bacteria that will determine specific labor/delivery practices). My pee-protein was neg/neg and I weighed in at 184 (no weight gain since last appointment 2 weeks ago, total weight gain = +28 ). My blood pressure was just fine, 68/98, or something of that sort. I asked about internal checks and if they do them, and she said they perform internal exams around week 39 just to see what’s going on down there.

We then went back to the clinic room and discussed skin to skin contact and things I should be doing from now on, such as drinking raspberry leaf tea, putting evening primrose oil capsules in two of the three major openings in my body, and doing pelvic exercises. Apparently, week 36 is when to start ripening the cervix and prepping for labor. 

After that, she measured me and my fundal height was 34 (up 2 from 2 weeks ago). She felt and said baby is still face down and facing backwards (a good thing) but not quite settled in the pelvis yet. She recommended that I visit a site for being able to identify what position little love is in at any moment (spinning babies?)

We then discussed our birth plan. I handed her our birth plan (3 pages long) and she read it, and afterwards said “Whew! I was pretty scared when you handed me three pages! Some people are so specific on things that aren’t in anyone’s control!” She discussed a few points we had made on our birth plan, including opting for the oral Vitamin K rather than injections, and a preference on birth room. She seemed happy with the plan, as did we.

We watched a short movie on coping naturally with pain and then left for our second baby appointment.

3:15pm: Our second baby appointment was scheduled for 3:15 at Dr. Martin’s office down the street. Dr. Martin is the back-up OB for the Charleston Birth Place. If I were to go into labor early, have to go to the hospital, or have a C-section, he would be the go-to man. We waited in the lobby for 30 minutes. 

3:45pm: Was called back and asked to pee in a cup. I laughingly replied “I just went pee a few minutes ago! Wish I would have known!” Silly Jenna…I forget that I’m pregnant and can pee on a moments notice. I then was weighed again and taken back to the patient room.

The nurse gathered my blood pressure and asked me general questions about baby and pregnancy. She left and said the doc would be shortly!

4:50pm: Dr. Martin comes in, doesn’t introduce himself, and has me lay back to be measured and stomach felt up. He talks up the birth center and asks if we have questions. We say ‘nope.’ and he tells us to give the receptionist the clipboard on the way out. 

4:55pm: We leave.

It was a really REALLY long afternoon of waiting just for a small conversation with Dr. Martin. I would have been more upset if he was our actual doctor, not just a back-up. 

We finished the afternoon off with lunch/dinner at Xaxby’s chicken and came home in the rain!

What a day. 

Our next appointment is a week and 2 days from now. I start going to the birth center weekly now. 



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