My family is pretty awesome.

I am so overwhelmed with all the love I’ve received from my friends and family. We never expected such an outpouring of support from our friends. From emotional support to practical advice, and from encouraging words to baby clothes and gear, our new life with little one is a life truly blessed.

My family is pretty awesome.

Thanks to my sister, little one has new outfits for her wardrobe and is ready to have a pampered tush. Thank you, Laura!


Thanks to my mom, little one will have a stylish bum, a safe bassinet to cuddle into next to our bed, and many more wonderful necessities. Thank you, mom!


Thanks to Sam’s parents, little one will have her first taste of jogging in the stroller and car seat set we received. Thank you, ma and pa!


Thanks to my other sister, little one has a few swimsuits for her first trip to the ocean, a world traveled onesie (from Hawaii), and an essential goody bag for the birth center. Thank you, Kat!


I feel so loved and I know without a doubt that little one is already loved. Ma and pa hope to make a trip here to visit after little one is born and if all works out, we will make a trip home for Christmas to spend such a wonderful time with all our other family. If not, my mom wants to fly out to visit us for Christmas. What a wonderful family we have!

To be perfectly frank with you, I haven’t ever been a huge family person. I think it it was a mix of the family dynamic in  the home where I was raised and just a selfish general lack of interest in leaning on family in times of trouble or joy.

There was so much time wasted. So many holidays spent wishing I were somewhere else or that my family was different on one way or another. I often wished my family was closer but never did anything to encourage closeness or bonding. I regret it.

I’ve received such amazing advice and support from my cousins, my aunts, my friends. I have gold in my possession and didn’t even know it. I have an awesome family.

The idea of going home for the holidays with my amazingly supportive husband and our hellion bundle of joy makes me excited. It warms my heart to know that we can start fresh and bring her into a family that is so loving and supportive. She will have to have a pretty strong sense of humor to survive in this family!

We look forward to teaching her to never give up, to attempt anything she sets her mind to, and to be open and loving to all around her. Our new life is about to begin!


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