Weird Dreams, anyone?

Here I sit at 35 weeks pregnant.
I haven’t had many weird or odd dreams (except the dream I had about twins early on and the baby born with turkey eyes). 
A few nights ago, however, I did have an odd dream.

I was in the attic where Edward Scissorhands lived. Me and toddler-baby of mine were playing on the floor and little one was sliding around on her bum in an upright position. It was odd because it was like she was just floating on the floor without doing anything.

A Cirque de Soleil man, very creepy and menacing, wanted to play. He stepped in the doorway and started to beckon little one to him. I grabbed little one. He turned and walked away out of the room. 

I still remember feeling very protective and fearful. I woke myself up abruptly and shook my head clear of that dream. 



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