Week 35 Stats

How Far Along:  35 Weeks  

Baby size and random info: There’s a MONSTER inside of me! She’s growing so big that she’s expanding to both sides of my tummy and with every kick my whole tummy just shakes! She is about 18 inches long and is over 5 1/4 pounds. Kidneys are fully developed by now and her liver can process waste product. There is more baby than fluid in my tummy. She doesn’t have a whole lot of room to dance around but still is active with her kicking. 

Symptoms: Swelling in my ankles and feet has been a major issue for me this past week. I’ve felt that I’ve swamped myself with all the water I’ve been drinking! I haven’t struggled with heartburn since establishing a routine of pee-tums-lay on my side in the middle of the night. Been a bit nauseated this week again. Threw up a few days in a row. Definitely overheat quicker than usual. Nothing major to add to the list– I can’t take hot showers as the steam just makes me dizzy and hot. I find myself waking up a lot more during the night/morning. I try not to open my eyes too much as I don’t want to find myself alert and ready to face the day at 3:24 a.m. There’s a lot more pressure/minor pain on my low belly/cervix. It’s like someone kicked me down there and the pain doesn’t go away. I generally have to be careful about how I move in and out of vehicles and bed. Sometimes it hurts to lift my knee up to get pants on or put on shoes (the rare once a week moment that I actually wear footwear other than flip-flops). 

How I’m feeling: Feeling like a walking log. Like Violet Beauregard being rolled around as a giant blueberry.

Mentally and emotionally, I am trying to remain calm and confident about giving birth. As the time approaches, I find myself more worried about not knowing what to expect or differentiating between the different stages of labor, but I think I am just over-thinking everything. I’m feeling a little homesick too—realizing our little one won’t be near family. I think this past week (week 34) was really a rough patch for me mentally in thinking about the overall picture. I thought time would just crawl now. It seems to have flown by, now that I think about it. 

Week’s highlights: Sam introduced me to the Alien Anthology. My favorites in order? #3, #1, #4, and #2. We mowed the lawn! Oh my gracious it looks so LOVELY. We had a lot of fun mowing. Sam took half of the front and I took the other half. He also spent a lot of energy cutting more of my jogging path in the back. Sam also bought me an b-b gun as an early birthday present! We have fun sometimes when he comes home from work and go out back to shoot pop cans and paint cans. I was able to find another t-shirt quilt commission and picked up the clothes this weekend. Sam and I also went to the Tanger Outlets. Sam bought some new socks and I found three nursing bras for a great price. 

Boy or Girl? Girl!

Cravings: Went out to Bi-Lo tonight and picked up canned peaches, frozen peaches, and even some frozen peach pops. I think I’ve got a thing for peaches. Other than that, no cravings STILL. My relationship with food has turned the tide. I used to eat based on flavor. Now I eat based on whether or not it will make me swell, nauseated, give me heartburn, or disagree with my digestive system. 

Worries/Concerns: Realizing how close I am getting to the finish line, I am concerned in just the slightest about contacting Sam if something happened or I needed something. He’s in training right now and it’s hard for him to get to his phone. I am also slightly concerned if I go into labor before 36 I won’t be able to deliver at the birth center. I’m also just thinking about the nursery and want to be sure we have everything we’ll need for little one. 

Goals and What I look forward to: Started a baby clothes quilt today. It’s a long process, longer than making a large t-shirt quilt as all the baby clothes are so small and I have to cut a lot more squares out. I look forward to my appointment in one week. I also look forward to this weekend when Sam can sleep in and we can cuddle before getting out in the morning. That’s one thing I’ve come to miss is just laying in bed with him. He has to get out of bed and get his coffee fix so quickly in the morning, and I don’t want to wake up at 5:30 am with him, so we don’t get to just hang out in bed. I look forward to being done with all the symptoms. Honestly, I’ve had a really good pregnancy. Yes, I’ve had morning sickness the majority of it with dizziness, nausea, and actual barfing. Yeah I’ve had swelling in my legs and a little burst of heartburn pain. Overall though, I feel good. I feel thankful for what I have and that soon we will have our addition to our family. 


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