Week 34 Stats

How Far Along:  34 Weeks  

Baby size and random info: 4.75 pounds and just about 18 inches long. She’s growing more, filling out with fat and continuing to develop. Muscles are growing, as little one moves around her head and stretches out her arms and legs (I sure feel those kicks!). Her eyes are open and she’s getting so close to coming!

Symptoms: This past week has brought a lot of pressure on my lady-bits. As little one grows bigger, I feel a bit of pressure and tightness as she dances around my cervix. It is a tad painful but manageable for me to roll over in bed or even to get up from a comfy chair. I find myself using whatever I can around me to help boost me up. I can’t keep up pace with my friends and family walking around. I have a mini-waddle started and I tucker out so easily. For example. yesterday Sam came and got me to enter my mac and cheese in a cooking contest at his work. After that was our baby appointment. We came back home and walked around the property for an hour or so doing treasure hunting. I came in the house and crashed for about 3 hours. I just get so tired! It’s hard because my mind is willing but my body is just so worn out so easily. Haven’t had much swelling this week, which is good. I know my body’s chemistry has changed–the way I smell has changed. I often feel as if my body is working just SO hard to pump all that extra blood through my system. My heart sometimes beats a little faster to accommodate. A few small stretch marks are added to the list and the ones that have already been there are still there. 

How I’m feeling: It hit me after baby’s appointment yesterday that I am only 34 weeks along. Only. I still have another 6 weeks to go. 6 more weeks of nausea, of stretch marks forming, of being exhausted, of being drained, and of more. I feel as if I was on a moving train chugg-a-lugging along and then came to a complete stop. I imagine these next few weeks won’t pass by very quickly. Still feeling a bit bummed about not feeling good. I am so thankful for Sam and all his help. He is observant and knows when I look like I need something. Last night I woke up in bed and sat up with a lot of heartburn pain. He happened to roll over and check on me and ask if I needed anything. I asked for a cold glass of water, and he kindly went to get me one. He is so good to me. 

Week’s highlights: We ordered new collars for the dogs and ordered a lawn tractor (I didn’t know this, but there is a difference between a lawn tractor and a lawn mower). Both should arrive this week. We enjoyed going to a friend’s house for the UFC fight. We spent a few nights shooting bb guns and watching movies. 

Boy or Girl? Girl.

Cravings: I have a love-hate relationship with McDonalds. I absolutely adore their cheeseburgers and wouldn’t turn one down. However, nowadays with all the salt content, I avoid them. I tend to swell up like a balloon with any sort of salty meal and feel bogged down afterwards. I’ve been craving peaches. 

Worries/Concerns: Every now and again I’ll feel a bit of pressure or pain on my lower abdomen/cervix area. It catches me off guard and sends a twinge of pain through my body. If I get antsy at that, how in the world do I plan on going through with a natural and medication free birth? The normal ‘Will I be a good mom?” and “How are we gonna raise this child to succeed in life and love?” come to mind every once and again. 

Goals and What I look forward to: I will finish a t-shirt quilt this week! I checked out a few more books and dvds from our birth center’s lending library. I checked out two workout dvds–one of yoga and the other of just a basic pregnancy workout. I figure they may get me moving a bit and help with some of the ants in my pants. I look forward to getting our mower so I can mow the yard. I also hope to finish cleaning up the house and putting everything in the rightful place. I’m so tired of seeing the same boxes lying around. Of course, I look forward to baby’s next appointment in 2 weeks. 


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