Baby Appointment: Version 34

Yesterday was our 34 week checkup. We arrived at the birth center and signed in.

Before each visit begins, they have the patients pee on a stick and weigh themselves in the bathroom. Blood sugars came back negative and I had gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks (total weight gain this pregnancy of 28 pounds). We waited a few minutes and were taken back to our room where we were started on a few educational videos. 

Jennifer came in to talk to us and to take blood pressure/measurements and what not. My blood pressure was 90/60 and I’m measuring at 32. She said that baby is still in the head down position and that her booty and legs are stretching out more and more to account for all that extra kicking and hard spots on my belly that I had been feeling.

She looked over my diet journal and said it looked great except that I need more protein. She recommended chobani greek yogurt or some avocados/nuts.

She also mentioned that if I were to go into labor prior to 37 weeks, that I would need to go to the hospital where they would meet me there and stay with me through the delivery. That’s definitely not what I had in mind, but we will deal with problems if they come. 

Little one is still so active and loves to kick and move. Her heart rate was in the 150s. As Sam and I were sitting there watching the dvd, she moved or kicked so hard that it made me jump. I hadn’t previously felt her kick so hard! I laughed. What an adventure we have in store for us! 

The appointment was good overall and at our next appointment we will get to meet Dr. Martin, the OB who works closely with the birth center. 


And here are some photos of my excursion out to downtown Charleston with a new friend!







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