Things that I would have done different, or not.

Looking back on the 34 weeks I’ve been pregnant, here are some random things I would have done different. 


1. Eaten more fiber.

2. Started eating smaller meals earlier in my pregnancy

3. Eaten more snacks throughout the day to combat hunger/nausea

4. Drink more water I don’t feel that 64 ounces is enough daily.

5. Kept more active via workout videos, trips to the gym, walking. I was able to stay active and then we moved cross country. I put my physical activity on the back burner and am finding it hard to get back into a workout. 

6. Eaten raw/juiced daily. I regret not staying ‘clean’ with my eating. 

7. Taken more consistent weekly belly pictures.

8. Avoid doing anything at all when woken up mid-night to heartburn. For example: Last night I had heartburn. I sat up in bed (usual thing for me to do), took some deep breaths and told my body to relax (usual). I then saw my phone blinking with message notifications. I picked up my phone and checked Facebook (unusual and a pivotal mistake). I then sat in bed for an hour wide eyed and bushy tailed, ready to start the day—at 3:45am. I got up to get a drink an hour later. Sam, concerned, came out to ask if everything was okay. It is rare for me to get out of bed at night. We then dragged our half awake bodies back to bed and I laid in bed with Pax’s head on my chest for another hour before finally falling asleep. Moral of the story: When you wake up in the middle of the night later on in your pregnancy, don’t do anything that requires any higher function of your brain. You’ll end up waking up. IT’s your body’s way of training for nighttime feedings and consoling, methinks. 

9. Been in better moods. I generally wasn’t feeling well, but could have viewed the situation in a more positive light, making life a bit less stressful for Sam. 

10. Realized sooner that my body is going to change and it is inevitable. No one really tells you your body will change, that your digestion will be jacked up, that you may (or may not) get stretch marks, that you might start crying over onion flavored peaches or the fact that you can’t roll over anymore–calling yourself a whale. People tell you that pregnancy changes you. It really does.

11. Reached out to friends for more support rather than just bottling up emotions and feelings.

12. Not stressed about naming baby so early on in our pregnancy. The day we found out, we spent about 2 hours in deep heated debate about our child’s future name. Seriously—there is time. Relax.

13. Drank more water and eaten less salty foods to avoid swelling. Swelling is some serious stuff.

14. Sang more to baby and played more music to baby throughout the pregnancy.

15. Found out that wearing soft fabric-cami /tank tops is the most comfortable thing for me. I would have started wearing them sooner.

16. Started putting on cocoa butter lotion sooner. I use Palmers. I should have lotioned up sooner in the pregnancy just to stay comfortable. Having soft moisturized skin really is nice. It’s the little things.

17. Realized that the bathtub is my friend. To soak in a tub really is a small pleasure you can get at the end of the day. The feeling is really relaxing the bigger I’ve gotten, I’ve found.

18. Been more active on pregnancy forums in commenting and being a part of other people’s pregnancies.


Things I would not change:

1. Blogging my weekly changes and taking belly pictures weekly

2. Maintaining an active sex life.

3. Eating healthy

4. Staying active (whether by jogging early in the pregnancy or doing dumbbell workouts here at home now)

5. Talking to Sam and communicating my needs to him (not excluding him in the pregnancy)

6. Having Sam go to all my appointments with me

7. All my research I’ve done. I wouldn’t go back and do less research. 

8. How thankful I am at the decent amount of weight I’ve gained. I feel good and confident about getting back into shape after little one is born.

9. All the love and support given by friends and family in the form of e-mails, phone calls/texts, or clothes or gifts given to build up our nursery. 

10. My decision to pursue a birth center birth. I felt deep in my heart a discontent with giving birth at a hospital. I followed my gut and feel at peace with our decision to birth at the Charleston Birth Center. Do what is right for you and don’t be bossed around.

11. Asking for help when I need it.

12. Preparing my nursery early (but not too early). I don’t believe it is necessary to have the nursery set up and ready to use by week 6 of pregnancy. When we found out that I was pregnant, I wanted to go out and do nursery shopping that day. I am glad we waited. I have found that we would not have been blessed by all our friends and family with such  bountiful gifts and that I fear my mind would have changed about decor/theme. 

13. Joining a mommy-to-be forum. Even though I don’t participate very often in discussions, a lot of the girls there ask questions that I am too curious about. I lurk. I learn. 


I’m sure there are more things. I’ll add as I see fit.


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