Date Night!



Sam surprised me with a date night! 

Why, oh WHY would I be so excited about date night?

Because I got out of the house.


Yes. Seriously.


My joy comes from being able to get out into reputable society as opposed to staying within the confines of my home’s walls. 

We are going out on a date? YES! I get to go out in public! It is the little joys in life, ya know.


He took me to Cracker Barrel where he enjoyed a country fried steak and I had a yummy chicken salad. We spent most of the time discussing Christianity. I still love hearing Sam’s opinions and listening to him talk. 

We then went to the movie theater. Bought our tickets and waited for the theater to open. We saw Dredd. It was okay, but it was just so nice to get out to a movie with my love. 

It really was a wonderful evening. Getting out of the house refreshed me and hopefully we can do something like that again before little one arrives! 


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