Another milestone has been hit! 

I was told by my midwife that I need to start doing Fetal Kick Counts. She said to avoid counting hiccups. 

Hiccups? Really? My baby will get hiccups?

Living blissfully in doubt, I continued on my merry way.

Last night in bed as Sam was snoring off, I was following my usual routine: Pray for us, stare at the wall, imagine raising a little kid, figuring out a plan for the next day, stare at the wall.

I had been feeling her kick for the past few minutes and didn’t think a thing of it as she is very active at night. 

Then I realized that her kicks were very rhythmic. I decided one of two things:

Either my daughter inside me is the next drumming prodigy and I should consider purchasing a drum set for the birth….


She has hiccups.

I started drumming back to her. Her drumming kept steady and strong. 

Dreams of grandeur played through my head of a 1 year old child star touring the globe whilst playing “Wipeout” and flashing a toothy mouth. 

World, meet my child.


Naw. Seriously though… It was quite humorous to experience hiccups from the inside!

Something I’ve learned by being pregnant:

It is always odd to feel kicks from the inside.

(It is always odd to feel kicks from the outside too)


Have a great day! 


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