Week 33 Stats

How Far Along:  33 Weeks  

Baby size and random info: Little one is over 4 pounds and over 17 inches long! Her immune system continues to get stronger. Experts say Omega 3 fatty acids are important at this stage. 

Symptoms: Morning sickness is in full bloom, dare I say worse than the first trimester. Throwing up is just another thing I do before noon and I know my day hasn’t started until I do so. I generally feel miserable. I am hot and get hot very quickly. Little one is so very active, kicking and punching. She has taken to hanging out on my bladder and punching it from time to time. It is quite surprising! THANKFULLY I’ve been keeping up with my kegals and my response time to her kicks are generally accident free. For the not so faint of heart– hemorrhoids come and go as well. A word of advice: Lots of liquids, lots of exercise, a daily dose of fresh squeezed veggie/fruit juice, and lots of greens. Be kind to yourself. Not much swelling this week. Keeping up a normal level of exercise or workout is getting hard. I feel tuckered out so much easier now. No acne. Nail growth is normal. A few more stretch marks on my legs. For whatever reason, I feel like I have gained a lot of weight this week. I feel so full! 

How I’m feeling: I don’t know the right way to word how I feel right now. I feel a mixture of dejection and sadness. I feel excited. I feel antsy and I feel tired. Honestly, it is so hard to keep a positive attitude when I can guarantee that I will wake up nauseated and throw up in the morning. It is hard to keep a smile on my face when I feel so dizzy and hot. I generally don’t feel good. Through all of these things, I am thankful for my little one kicking out towards me in my belly and excitedly await her arrival. I feel a lot of things right now. I don’t care to go into detail. I feel loved absolutely by my husband. He was there for me today when I got sick. He held back my hair and ran to get me a big glass of cold water and a wet washcloth. I humbly thanked him. True love is sticking by someones side through lurching and spewing half digested grapes. Gross? Yes. It’s a part of life. I’m sure you’ve heard worse.  

Week’s highlights: Sam and I played Diablo 3 together a bit this week. I love playing video games with Sam—that is until he whoops my butt and I get majorly bummed out. Our baby appointment went very well at the birth center. I am so thankful that we were able to get on their patient list. Our hearts are at ease now that we have a place to go. I finished a book! I finished Pushed by Jennifer Block, a book about the healthcare system in relation to childbirth. A true critique of the book would be that it was dead honest and realistic and full of statistics. It read near like a textbook. I loved it. I came out the other end of the book feeling confident in our decision to go with a birth center but somewhat depressed at the whole birth system as a whole. Information and knowledge rule, and what harsh rulers they seem to be. My heart reaches out to the women in the book whose hearts and spirits are broken because of how their birth was handled. What else….I baked peanut butter cookies for Sam. Little one didn’t like the cookies. In fact, she doesn’t seem to allow me to eat much of anything in the arena of sweets. This is fine by me. 

Boy or Girl? Girl still!

Cravings: None, although a slice of pie (key lime or cherry) sounded SUPER amazing to me this week. I didn’t get around to making one and seriously thought about breaking faith and buying one of those frozen ones my Marie Calendar. EEEE.

Worries/Concerns: I hope for relief soon from this morning sickness. I hope that I will maintain a bit of energy this last month and a half of pregnancy. I hope for no stretch marks on my belly. I hope that Sam and I make the most of this time we have alone together. 

Goals and What I look forward to: Ultimately I hope to gain only about 10 more pounds this pregnancy. I hope to get this sickness under control. I look forward to Sam and my appointments in a week. He will get his pins out of his finger and I will get my 34 week appointment update! Woo! As the time gets closer for us to meet our little one, I get excited and I try to stay positive and calm about the birth process. It will be a life changing event. 


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