Baby Appointment!

Our baby appointment was today! 

We arrived at the birth center and filled out some insurance information along with signing some documents I had emailed the office previously this week. The receptionist was very warm and welcoming. She commented that there were only a few more slots open for the birth center for the rest of the year and that we were lucky to get in. We profusely thanked her and told her how excited we were! 


We met with Shannon who talked about the birth center and went over some basics of nutrition and care that the birth center would be offering. She showed me the routine of how appointments would go in the future (upon arrival at the center, pee in a cup to test for proteins and what not followed by weighing myself). She was informative and excited to have us there. What a nice surprise. 

After we met with Shannon, Leigh (midwife) came in to check me out. The room we were seen in was small but comfortable. Instead of the typical doctor metal cabinet bed thing,you know the one with the plastic/paper cover that makes a noise if you breathe too heavily, they a have nice leather chaise lounge and pillows. She checked my blood pressure (said it was very good) and asked if we had any questions.

I did come prepared with one question. 

The way baby feels inside me is that there is a whole lot of movement going on up top in my mid belly area and when I feel there it feels like a ball. I worried that it was her head. I asked her how they handle breach babies at the birth center. 

She was prepared with a good explanation. She said that they do everything they can to figure out the position of baby far in advance and if the baby is in an odd or breach position, they refer us to Dr. Martin who is the OBGYN at the hospital less than a mile away and in his own private practice nearby. Dr. Martin will then try to turn the baby to avoid a c-section, but if baby is uncooperative, c-section may be the next option. I was satisfied with her answer, as I would rather exhaust my options in turning a breach baby rather than just jumping to a c-section.

She then felt my stomach to tell me where baby was. She wiggled her hand up where I feel the most kicking and movement from baby and wiggled her other hand above my pelvic bone. She said that the baby was head down and that her booty was up, which would explain all the kicking to the sides. She even invited Sam to come over and wiggle around to feel where the head was. What a relief! Baby is gearing up in the right position!

She measured my fundal height and said it was 30cm. Baby’s heart rate was in the mid 150’s. She seemed overall happy with everything at the appointment which made me happy as well. 

I’ve gained 25 pounds so far this pregnancy and Leigh didn’t seem too concerned with that. I suppose I am happy with it too. I feel very blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy so far. I pray things continue to go that way for us. 

Overall, it was a really good appointment. We checked out and found a few books and documentaries to bring home with us from the lending library. Our next appointment is the 24th. She then sprung it on us that we needed to watch a few videos, so we obliged. They were about breastfeeding. 

We’re relieved that we had our baby appointment and are excited to return back to the birth center! We feel welcome and cared for there. I like it.


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